In the Spring of 2017, the System Dynamics Society Policy Council approved a move of the Society’s home office from Rockefeller College at the State University of NY in Albany to Capitol Hill Management Services also located in Albany, NY. We are excited about the move to Capitol Hill for several reasons including the opportunity to work with and learn from other professional societies. The move is expected to bring many benefits to us including the adoption of MemberClicks, a comprehensive professional society membership management system, as the platform for our Society website and member information system.

As you can see, the website conversion is coming along nicely. The new site is up and running and open to all members as well as the general public interested in System Dynamics. We are working diligently to convert all of the remaining information and capabilities that were available on the old site. In addition, we are planning some new easy to use member capabilities.

Details of the current website roll-out schedule:

  1. Membership Profile information (available now): Your web username has been brought over to the new site. When you first log into the new site, you will be asked to set up a new password. Update your password and you are ready to access and edit your membership profile as well as gain access to the membership directory. You can even renew your membership online coming in January 2018! (Stay tuned for additional community and communication features that are being planned for SDS members.)
  2. Conference Information and Registration (available now): Going to the 2018 International System Dynamics Conference in Reykjavík, Iceland (August 6-10)? Find out everything you need to know on the new website. Registration is open! Do it now while you are thinking about it! 
  3. Conference Paper Submissions (available February 2018): The paper submission system will be a bit different than the old system, but trust us, you will love it! This function will be available on February 20, 2018, the opening date for paper submissions. If you are planning to submit a paper, register for the conference and then get busy writing!
  4. Discussion Forums (available February 2018): New state of the art discussion groups (sometimes called forums) are in the works and will be available in early February. Save up those topics and share your ideas on the Society website soon.
  5. Chapter and Special Interest Group News (available after February 2018): One of the greatest benefits of the System Dynamics Society is finding and staying in touch with people knowledgeable about and interested in System Dynamics near home (wherever you live in the world). Online tools for you and your Chapter/SIG organizers will be available soon as a part of MemberClicks “communities”.

If you have questions or find problems with this site, we want to hear from you! Contact us via email at: [email protected]