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Billy presenting at the International System Dynamics Conference last summer

XMILE’s Display and Interface: Gaining insights from models


Tuesday, June 3, 2014
12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT (New York Time)
Presented by: 
Billy Schoenberg, isee systems & Gary Baxter, MEMIC
Hosted by: 
Steve Adler, IBM & Karim Chichakly, isee systems

Learn how XMILE represents stock and flow diagrams & interface elements

Over the past eight months, we’ve seen seven great System Dynamics use cases, ranging from climate to retail, some using Big Data. The goal of XMILE is to make it easier to develop such applications and support the integration of System Dynamics models into additional solutions being developed for business and policy makers. To finish the year, we are presenting four webinars that focus on the draft XMILE specification developed by the OASIS Technical Committee.

In this third XMILE overview webinar, Billy Schoenberg and Gary Baxter will explain how stock and flow diagrams are represented in XMILE. They will also discuss how output objects (such as graphs and tables) are described, how input objects (such as sliders and switches) are specified, and how the stock-flow diagram can be annotated with text, graphics, and buttons.

This webinar is the eleventh in the Big Data, System Dynamics, and XMILE webinar series jointly sponsored by IBM, isee systems, and the OASIS XMILE Technical Committee. The series showcases exemplar applications of System Dynamics in the areas of environment, business, health care, and public policy and discuss new opportunities that will be available as the XMILE standard is adopted.

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