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The ALCES Toolkit: Regional development and land-use dynamics


Tuesday, March 4, 2014
12:00 – 1:00 PM EST (Boston Time)
Presented by: Brad Stelfox, Matt Carlson, and Noah Purves-Smith
ALCES Landscape and Land-Use Ltd.
Hosted by: Steve Adler, IBM & Karim Chichakly, isee systems

The ALCES Toolkit: Regional development and land-use dynamics

While the landscape shapes communities, communities also shape the landscape. Capturing that feedback in a manner that is easily presentable to policy makers and other stakeholders is a challenge, to which, the ALCES Landscape Group has found a solution. By combining a dynamic feedback model with interactive GIS capabilities, it is possible to see the effects of large scale projects, ongoing land use and natural events using maps, as well as other easily understood output forms.

Join Dr. Brad Stelfox, Matt Carlson, and Noah Purves-Smith of ALCES as they demonstrate the ALCES Toolkit and its application to real land-use policy issues. The framework they have developed combines a system dynamics model that allows for the quick investigation of project impacts on the local environment and then uses that information to paint a clear picture of the geographic spread of the resulting changes. The combination is powerful and insightful and a great example of how system dynamics can be combined with other technologies to deliver results that can be understood and acted upon.

North America has a diverse suite of landscapes that have been shaped by an equally diverse set of land uses and natural disturbances. Each land use creates significant benefits to society, but also causes significant challenges to regional managers concerned about achieving performance across a broad suite of economic, social, and ecological indicators. Confronted by legislative requirements focused on triple bottom line performance, new planning tools are required to explore the frontiers of landscape/land-use issues and solutions. The toolkit enables stakeholders to visualize the key dynamics of both land uses (crops, livestock, mining, forestry, oil and gas, transportation, tourism, residential) and natural disturbances (fire, insects, climate, climate change), providing a quantitative understanding of the outcome of alternative land-use trajectories to performance of key ecological, economic, and social indicators.

This webinar is the sixth in the Big Data, System Dynamics, and XMILE webinar series jointly sponsored by IBM, isee systems, the OASIS XMILE Technical Committee, Forio, System Dynamics Society, and Ventana Systems. The series showcases exemplar applications of System Dynamics in the areas of environment, business, health care, and public policy and discuss new opportunities that will be available as the XMILE standard is adopted.

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