Andy Ford

Andy Ford describes the boom & bust in power plant construction that led to the 2000-2001 California electricity crisis

Energy Market Dynamics: Transforming the electric power industry


Tuesday, February 11, 2014
12:00 – 1:00 PM EST (Boston Time)
Presented by: Andy Ford, Washington State University
Hosted by: Steve Adler, IBM & Karim Chichakly, isee systems

Learn how System Dynamics transformed the electricity market

Electric utilities have seen dramatic shifts in regulation and technologies over the last four decades. Professor Andrew Ford, winner of the 1996 Forrester Award for his work in this area, will discuss two important examples of System Dynamics bringing understanding where other approaches fell short.

The first looks at the dilemmas utilities faced in the 1970s-1980s as construction lagged and retail rates increased. Regulators, fearing a death spiral of ever increasing rates and decreasing demand, limited the price increases which put great strain on the utilities. Dr. Ford’s work generated insight on the Death Spiral and other strategic issues, highlighting the benefits of increased utility spending on customer conservation, a novel idea at the time.

The second case explores energy storage in the power system. This has been called the Holy Grail for renewable generation, but the lack of analytical estimates of its value remains a major obstacle to its development. By combining a long-term planning model with a short-term model of compressed air storage operations, Dr. Ford was able to provide those estimates for Ontario power system. This work has been crucial in promoting discussions among members of the project team and power agencies in Ontario.

This webinar is the fifth in the Big Data, System Dynamics, and XMILE webinar series jointly sponsored by IBM, isee systems, and the OASIS XMILE Technical Committee. The series showcases exemplar applications of System Dynamics in the areas of environment, business, health care, and public policy and discuss new opportunities that will be available as the XMILE standard is adopted.

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