System Dynamics Colloquium

The System Dynamics Colloquium (formerly known as the PhD Colloquium) is a one-day event devoted to developing and mentoring early stage system dynamicists (junior system dynamicists). The format of the colloquium supports participation from varying fields, varying levels of training, students at different points of their studies and professionals and academics new to system dynamics. Both senior and junior system dynamicists are highly encouraged to attend and register for the System Dynamics Colloquium. We warmly invite doctoral, master’s and undergraduate students, as well as professionals and academics in any field who are new to system dynamics to submit their work. The submitted work can be at any stage of the research process (proposal, middle stages or nearly complete) to share and receive feedback from experts and peers at the colloquium.

System Dynamics is a diverse community; including a wide range of application, experience, methods and technologies. Junior system dynamicists can learn a lot from their peers and those more experienced in the field, and the aim this year is to bring more experienced (senior) system dynamicists together with beginners in order to help bring traditional ideas together with new methods and applications. Experts in system dynamics have a lot to offer developing system dynamics researchers, and it can be difficult for newcomers to learn from sifting through years of seminal papers. In addition to this, junior system dynamicists have many ideas on how to combine new and developing techniques with established practices.

Previous colloquiums have proven very successful when allowing attendees to outline the agenda and providing the space to discuss areas they find important to their research.

Senior system dynamicists: ways to get involved


In addition to attending and participating in the colloquium events, there are other ways senior system dynamicists can engage junior system dynamicists at the System Dynamics Colloquium.

Angel Advisors: In 2015, the Angel Advisor program was introduced. Angel Advisors are senior system dynamicists that are assigned one or two colloquium poster presenters to give oral feedback during the poster and networking session. The angel advisors agree to read the poster presenter’s abstract before the colloquium and approach them during the poster session to discuss their work with them. 

Discussants: Discussants for the student papers present feedback (max. 10 mins) after the junior system dynamicist presents their work at the System Dynamics Colloquium. The discussant will read the paper beforehand and presents general comments on the paper that would be helpful for the audience. Discussants are encouraged to meet with the junior system dynamicist to provide more specific comments.

Please contact the System Dynamics Colloquium co-chairs if you would like to get involved: [email protected]