System Dynamics Applications Award

System Dynamics Applications Award winners

The System Dynamics Applications Award is presented by the Society as often as every year for the best “real world” application of System Dynamics. Before 2016 the Applications Award was presented every other year. The best application is based primarily on demonstrated measurable benefit to an organization through the use of System Dynamics, and secondarily for new ideas that improve the art of applying System Dynamics, or for relating work to existing System Dynamics literature and/or other disciplines. The work must have been conducted within ten years of the submission deadline.

Criteria for eligible papers for the award include: (1) papers must be full-length and written for a System Dynamics user audience, in the English language in the original or after translation; (2) if previously published, the papers must have been within seven years of the submission deadline; (3) at least one named author must have been employed at the time of the work by the company or organization whose performance was improved by the System Dynamics modeling effort; (4) the paper must not have won or been an announced finalist for a previous award from the System Dynamics Society; and (5) papers may be self-nominated.

Winners are announced and a certificate is presented at the annual conference of the System Dynamics Society. The winner may also be invited to deliver a talk on the work which may subsequently be published in the System Dynamics Review.

Nominations, papers, and supporting information as well as any questions should be sent to:

J. Bradley Morrison
Chair, Applications Award Committee
email: [email protected]