System Dynamics Summer School 2018, Introductory Track

A beginners immersion course in systems thinking, systems analysis and System Dynamics. From first question to finished simulation model.

Friday, 3. August 2018, VRII Industrial Engineering

Systems Thinking, Systems Analysis and Systems Dynamics in Science
Causal Loop Diagram
World6 Model

9.00-11.00 Professor Harald Sverdrup, Introduction to systems thinking, systems analysis and System Dynamics. What is it all about
11.00-12.00 Short little practice of how to do a first causal loop diagram.
12.00-13.00 Lunch as it comes
13.15 -14.00 Dr. Hördur Haraldsson: On drawing causal loop diagrams, flow charts, and doing causal loop analysis. The basics of group modelling approaches that work 
14.15-16.30 5 small cases; Undertake systems analysis yourself in small groups. Show your results on the whiteboard
16.30-17.00 Installing STELLA Architect Summer School Special License on your computer, and downloading the PLE version of Vensim.
17.00-18.00 Friday systems beer and unsystemic food…


Saturday, 4. August 2018, VRII Industrial Engineering


Professor Bob Cavana: Everything is possible. Using systems thinking, system analysis and systems analysis and System Dynamics in education and research


Sverdrup and Cavana: Demonstrating STELLA and Vensim


Lunch again


H. Sverdrup, B. Cavana, H. Haraldsson: Red are the apples at Kivik Village. How to model an apple orchard’s production of apple juice to be sold in bottles and whether it pays off or not.  Sverdrup shows how to build the model; Flowcharts, causal loop diagrams, draw model interface drawing as a part of the planning. And then we build it. Harald first, and you follow and do the same. Until it works.


Questions about what we did so far.


Saturday night goes alive, all systems are on let go. Wine and food gets in….


Sunday, 5. August 2018, VRII Industrial Engineering


Dr. Haraldsson; Using System Dynamics for policy development and International negotiations


Harald Sverdrup: Using System Dynamics in industrial engineering and production control in cooperating companies during the last 100 years. A showcase from Norway. Or something Bob Cavana wants to talk about (System Dynamics examples from New Zealand)


H. Sverdrup, B. Cavana and H. Haraldsson: Introduction to your first own System Dynamics model project


Lunch for a Sunday


Group modelling. Defining the mission. Starting Causal loop diagramming and flowcharts


Build your first simple System Dynamics model.


Show and explain your models and play with them


The Holy Sheep dinner with wine. All sheep served were Vegan. You are now prepared to meet the Systems herd on Monday...



Who are the teachers:

Dr. Harald Ulrik Sverdrup. Professor of Industrial Engineering at University of Iceland. Has started and has taught systems analysis and System Dynamics courses in Lund University for 20 years, then at Stockholm University, Sweden, Computer Games Center at Innlandshøgskolen, Hamar, Norway and presently at University of Iceland since 1990. Has used the STELLA software for modelling of everything since version 1.0.

Dr. Bob Cavana, Reader in Systems Science at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Has written several textbooks for teaching systems thinking and System Dynamics and is a former vice-president of the System Dynamics Society. Has traveled 20,000 km to teach at the System Dynamics Conference summer school!

Dr. Hördur Haraldsson, Chief Future Analyst at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in Stockholm. He has both seen the future and taught System Dynamics at Lund and Stockholm Universities. Former member of the Icelandic Wilderness and Disaster Rescue Team and is totally fearless. Can survive indefinitely on rotten shark and mountain grass.

Dr. Anna Hulda Olafsdottir. Lecturer at University of Iceland. Teaches System Dynamics and computer simulations at University 
of Iceland at the Icelandic System Dynamics Center since many years. Coauthor on the WORLD6 model. The worlds kindest and strongest systems analyst ever seen. Several times European Champion in cross-fit.


The course runs in the Industrial Engineering Building VR-II on the University of Iceland campus, in rooms VR2-157, 158 and 159. You need to bring your own laptop computer, and it is very good if it connects to wifi using the EDUROAM. Address: Hjarðarhaga 6, 107 Reykjavík.