Stewardship Committee


Section 1 Composition. The Stewardship Committee shall consist of five individuals who are members of the Society but not employed or otherwise compensated by the Society for any work they do.

Section 2. Authority and Duties. The Stewardship Committee shall raise funds consistent with the Policies of the Society and identify activities to support the mission of the Society including such things as: underwriting and coordinating research, initiating competitions, organizing apprenticeships, providing scholarships, funding attendance of subject area experts at Society conferences, coordinating workshops, initiating public outreach programs and undertaking other such activities as are consonant with the purposes of Bylaw II. For activities requiring spending, the Stewardship Committee shall seek and obtain the consent of the Finance Committee for plans to use designated or restricted funds consistent with budgetary practices of the Society.

Section 3. Quorum. A quorum for the Stewardship Committee requires all but one of the members be present or otherwise included in voting.

Section 4, Reporting. The Stewardship Committee shall provide an annual report of its activities to the Policy Council within three months of the close of the fiscal year. The Stewardship Committee shall provide a plan of its intended activities during the next fiscal year prior to the opening of the fiscal year.

Section 5. Term of Office. Members of the Stewardship Committee will serve five year staggered terms. For the initial membership, and when necessary because or resignation, inability to serve or removal, newly appointed members will serve terms from three to seven years so that each fiscal year one and only one member will have their term expire. An individual may serve at most two consecutive terms on the Stewardship Committee.

Section 6. Appointments. The Stewardship Committee shall select individuals to fill positions on the Stewardship Committee that will become vacant or have become vacant because of resignation, inability to serve or removal. All such appointments require the approval of the Policy Council before a member can be seated on the committee. Initially, and otherwise if there remain no members, the Stewardship Committee will be populated by a vote of the Policy Council.

Section 7. Compensation. There will be no compensation for members of the Stewardship Committee. All activities are done on a volunteer basis. Expenses may be reimbursed in accordance with the Policies of the Society.

Section 8. Removal. A Stewardship Committee member may be removed from office with or without cause. Removal requires a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Policy Council then in office. Notice of a motion to propose such removal shall be provided to all Policy Council members at least 30 days in advance of the vote to remove.

Retrieved from Bylaws of the System Dynamics Society, 2020