“Getting Started With [Software]” Workshop RFP

Software vendors are welcome to offer workshops at the conference introducing the use of their software. The workshops will introduce attendees to the mechanics of the software, and will provide an opportunity for attendees to get hands-on experience with a demo version. This type of workshop has been offered before and has received great reviews from our attendees. This is a general invitation to offer a software.

Here is a sample abstract (only an example):

 “This workshop will be an introduction to building System Dynamics models using [software]. The workshop is intended for people who are relatively new to the field or do not have experience using [software]. The session will be conducted as a hands-on workshop and will demonstrate basic techniques for building and analyzing causal loop diagrams, stock and flow diagrams and simple simulation models. Participants should bring their own computers with the specific software loaded on them or show up one-half hour early to load the software. People without computers are welcome to watch, and they will be paired or in small groups to work together with those who do have computers.”

The sessions are intended to be purely instructional. No commercial promotion of the software is allowed. Please do not plan to (a) address issues of pricing and license options, nor (b) list or describe companies for whom models have been developed using the software, nor (c) list or describe the types of models that have been done for hire using the software. Presenters may give a website and contact information, but no more than that, for marketing and promotion.

If you are interested in participating, please go to the submission home on or after January 20th and submit a workshop by the submission deadline, March 2nd. On the Submission Home page, scroll down and click the “Workshop Submission” button. Click through to the page titled “WORKSHOP SUBMISSION 2020 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society,” please fill in all the fields using the standardized title “Getting Started with [insert software name here] Software.”