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  Vice President Reports

Vice President – Finance (Treasurer)

2003 Summer: Including CPA review of 2002, Mid-year Financial statements, 2004 Budget and more.
2002 Winter: Including links to Revenue and Exp, Balance Sheet and more.
2001 Summer: VP Report: Profit & Loss by Cost CentersProfit & Loss ComparisonBudget ComparisonBalance Sheet Comparisons
2001 Winter: VP Report: Profit & LossProfit & Loss ComparisonBudget ComparisonBalance SheetBudget
2000 Summer: including links to CPA Review of 1999, Mid-year Financial Statements, 2001 Budget and more
2000 Winter: Including links to 1999 Financial Statements and moreBudget
1999 Summer: VP Report and Other finanical reports: Unaudited Profit and Loss Statement by Cost CenterUnaudited Budgeted Versus Actual SpendingUnaudited Profit and Loss StatementsUnaudited Balance SheetsCPA Review of Financial Statements
1999 Winter: Mid-Year Financial Statements Balance Sheet ComparisonProfit & Loss StatementProfit & Loss Comparison
1998 Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Budget and Comparative DataInterim Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Budget and Comparative Data(Jan-June 1998), CPA Review of Financial Statements
1997 Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Revenues and Expenses, and 1998 BudgetCPA Review of Financial Statements,
1996 Statements of Revenues, Expenses and Changes in Net AssetsBalance Sheet and Income Statement
1995 Income Statement
1994 Balance Sheet and Income Statement
1993 Balance Sheet and Income Statement
1992 Income Statement
1991 Income Statement
1990 Income Statement
1989 Income Statement
1988 Income Statement
1987 Income Statement (Sep 1, 1987-Dec 31, 1987-transition from fiscal to calendar year)
1986 Income Statement (Sep 1, 1986 -Aug 31, 1987)
1985 Income Statement (Sep 1, 1985-Aug 31, 1986)
1984 Income Statement and Asset Report (Sep 1, 1984-Aug 31, 1985)
1983 Income Statement (Sep 1, 1983-Aug 31, 1984)
  Vice President – Meetings
  Vice President – Publications
  System Dynamics Review Editor and Publisher Reports
2003: Editor ReportJohn Wiley and Sons Report
  2001: Editor Report
2000: Editor ReportJohn Wiley and Sons Report
2000: Editor ReportJohn Wiley and Sons Report
1999: Editor Report
1999: Editor Report
1998: Editor Meeting including Editor Report
1996: Editor Report
1985-2005: Editorial Board of the System Dynamics Review
  Executive Director Reports
2003 Summer
  2001 Summer
2002 Winter
2001 Winter2001 Summer
2000 Spring, 2000 Summer
1999 Spring,  1999 Summer
1998 Winter1998 Summer
1997 Winter (PDF), 1997 Summer

Chapter Reports


  2001 Winter

China Chapter Reports


Italian Chapter Reports


Japan Chapter Reports

  2003 Winter
  2002 Summer
  2001 Winter
  2000 Winter
  1999 Summer
  1998 Winter1998 Summer
  1997 Summer
  1996 Summer

United Kingdom Chapter Reports

  2001 Annual Gathering
  1999 Summer
  1999 United Kingdom Chapter Constitution

Conference Background Information

Conference Structure (2003)
Requirements for Hosting the System Dynamics Conference (2001)
Draft Memorandum of Understanding Between the System Dynamics Society, Conference Chair and Program Chair (July 1999)
2001 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (update as of March 2000)
1999 – 2007 Conference Updates as of February 1999
2002 Revised Proposal to Host the System Dynamics Conference in Shanghai, China
2002 Proposal to Host the System Dynamics Conference in Shanghai, China
2001 Budget for the Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
2001 Proposal to Host the System Dynamics Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
1998 Progress Report on the System Dynamics Conference in Quebéc City, Canada
1998 Proposal to Host the System Dynamics Conference in Quebéc City, Canada
1997 Ford’s Resolution on Modifying the Responsibilities of Conference Organizers
1996 Sterman’s Arguments in Favor of Virtual Proceedings

Other Reports

  Standing Committee Meeting Minutes 2008 Award Committee
The Future of the Field Project
1999 Report of the National Capital System Dynamics Interest Group Canada
1998 (Conference) Professional Accreditation for System Dynamics Practitioners Alfeld’s Discussion Paper
1997 Forrester’s Views on Moving the Gordon Brown Fund to the Creative Learning Exchange
1996 Results of the Meeting on Expenditure Priorities (Asynchronus Meeting)
1996 Motions and Policy Council Votes Pertaining to the Future Administration of the Society
1996 Morecroft’s “Future Administration of the Society”
1992 Motion to Restructure
1992 Profitability of Bibliography
1989-1992 Gordon Brown Fund Financial Statement

Historical Data (through mid to late 1990’s)

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    by Lesser-Known System Dynamicists: Annual NumberCumulative Number
System Dynamics Publications Mentioning:
    Systems Thinking: Annual NumberCumulative Number,
    Chaos: Annual Number, Cumulative Number
System Dynamists Publishing Annual Number: TotalOther than Conference Proceedings
MIT PhDs in System Dynamics: Annual NumberCumulative Number
Membership Data 1986 January 17
Membership Data 1985 November 13