Annual Job Connections/Networking (Red Ribbon) Event

The goal of the Red Ribbon Event, scheduled at the refreshment breaks, is to allow job-seekers as well as attendees with job-finding resources or job opportunities to easily connect and network. Anyone who would like to be identified as having job-finding resources or job opportunities will be wearing a red ribbon on their name badge. Although not everyone wearing a ribbon will have a job opening, ribbon-wearers are willing and prepared to spend some time helping out job-seekers. This event is NOT a Job Fair with scheduled interviews between members of a search committee and job-seekers.

The meaning of the ribbons will be announced throughout the conference to encourage job-seekers to approach ribbon-wearers. This event will provide an opportunity to exchange contact details, to arrange another time during the conference for a cup of coffee or other meeting, or to interact directly at another time. This event is about networking and providing guidance and support to job-seekers. In conjunction with the Red Ribbon Events the SD Career Link Bulletin Board will also be available. We hope to see you there!

Also, please visit the SD Career Link page.