Publishing Assistance Workshop - by sign up only

The Publishing Assistance Workshop is designed to provide authors with guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscript for submission to an academic journal. A panel of expert mentors will offer suggestions to authors in navigating the publishing process for research that includes system dynamics. The workshop will include a general presentation about the publication journey, presentations by several journal editors, and roundtable discussions that focus on providing authors with practical and developmental suggestions aimed for improving their papers. The exact format and scheduling of the PAW may need to change because of the switch to online delivery of the workshop. These logistics will depend on the number of participants who register for the workshop and on the difficulty of accommodating different time zones.


The Publishing Assistance Workshop will be held during the main conference; further details about the time and location will be provided once the conference program is finalized. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please write to Shayne Gary at [email protected] in advance to sign up for the session by June 5, 2020. Please include a working paper you want to discuss at the workshop (just one!), indicate your target journal(s) for the paper, and also include your CV to provide us with a summary of your background and experience. The workshop will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants, and invitations will be sent to confirm PAW participation shortly after the June 9 conference early registration deadline.  

These dates and format are subject to change as we pivot to our Virtual Conference format.

Meet the Publishing Assistance Workshop Organizer

About Professor Shayne Gary

Shayne Gary is a Professor at UNSW Business School in Sydney. His research examines how differences in mental models, decision rules, and strategies lead to differences in firm performance over time. Shayne investigates these issues through experiments, in-depth fieldwork, and system dynamics simulation modeling. He was awarded the 2016 Jay Wright Forrester Award and is a Managing Editor of the System Dynamics Review. Shayne is a founding member of the Behavioral Strategy Interest Group in the Strategic Management Society and Chaired the Interest Group in 2015. He also consults widely with clients on systems thinking and modeling projects to develop strategies for firm growth, transformation, and mergers & acquisitions. Shayne received his PhD at London Business School and his BSc degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).