Obituaries for Jay

1 Jay W. Forrester Dies at 98; a Pioneer in Computer Models The New York Times
2 Jay Forrester Dies Aged 98 I PROGRAMMER
3 Jay W. Forrester, of Concord, computer pioneer; at 98 The Boston Globe
4 Professor Emeritus Jay W. Forrester, Digital Computing and System Dynamics Pioneer, Dies at 98 Newsroom MIT Management Sloan School
5 Jay W. Forrester The Concord Journal
6 Jay Forrester, an MIT Engineer, Sought to Rethink Corporate Management The Wall Street Journal
7 The Beginning of System Dynamics McKinsey Quarterly
8 An Obituary Indian Institute of Management Lucknow
9 Jay W. Forrester, pioner og æresdoktor ved UiB er død 98 år gammel. Bergen University Newsletter
10 Jay W. Forrester (1918–2016) Supply Chain Management Research

Notes for Jay

1 John Morecroft London Business School
2 Peter M. Senge Society for Organizational Learning
3 David Schmittlein John C Head III Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management
4 China Chapter System Dynamics Society
5 Agriculture and Food SIG System Dynamics Society
6 German Chapter System Dynamics Society
7 Naiyi Hsiao Chinese System Dynamics Society, TAIWAN (CSDS)
8 Creative Learning Exchange System Dynamics & Systems Thinking in K-12 Education
9 Luis E. Romero Forbes
10 Barkley Rosser Econospeak