2017 Conference Proceedings Available

The online version of the conference record from the 2017 Cambridge Conference, including the final version of papers supplied by authors, is now available (open source) here.

The list of papers, workshops, and events is organized alphabetically by author with links to each paper. There are additional links to abstracts, supporting materials, and web sources when provided. You will also find information on ordering a bound, printed set which will include an ISBN.

Other links available on this web page include:

Please keep in mind the following important guidelines for our Conference Proceedings:

Conference papers and presentations are a networking tool for members of the Society and those who attend the conference. The Conference provides a venue for presenting work and receiving comments that can strengthen the work and help to prepare it for wider distribution.

The Society will produce and maintain Web Proceedings of abstracts and papers to provide a complete record of presentations at the Conference. The Web Proceedings are not intended to be a substitute for publishing in peer-reviewed journals.

The strength of the field requires publishing good work, to reach audiences beyond those attending our conferences. Consult with highly experienced professional System Dynamics colleagues for suggestions on making your work ready for publication and for suggestions of where to publish.

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60th Anniversary

This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the field of System Dynamics. Whereas the 50th anniversary conference celebrated the achievements of our first half-century, for this 60th anniversary conference we constructed a program that points the way to the future by showcasing the best work in dynamic modeling being done today. We also celebrated the life of Jay W. Forrester, the founder of the field of System Dynamics, who passed away in November. A special conference plenary session "Remembering Jay: A Life on the Frontier. System Dynamics at Sixty," was presented by John Sterman, Nelson Repenning, George Richardson, and Jack Homer. The presentation was filmed by our video production sponsor Uncommon Catalyst, and will soon be available on the Society's website.

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Awards Given at the Conference

Lifetime Achievement Award

The System Dynamics Society occasionally recognizes people for making a significant contribution to a field or a practice over an extended period of time by giving them the Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the only award of the Society that is based on a body of work done over lifetime and not on a single article. This year, the award was presented to Ali Mashayekhi for furthering the field of System Dynamics over his lifetime.
Pictured left to right: Ali Mashayekhi, Hazhir Rahmandad, Erling Moxnes
Ali Mashayekhi and his students at the 2017 conference
Dana Meadows Award

The Dana Meadows Award of the System Dynamics Society is given annually for the best paper by a student presented at the annual System Dynamics Conference. Established in 2001, the prize celebrates and recognizes high quality student work in the field of System Dynamics. The 2017 award was accepted by Arash Baghaei Lakeh from Virginia Tech for his paper, "The Dual-Process Theory and Understanding of Stocks and Flows," which was co-authored by Navid Ghaffarzadegan. The two 2017 Honorable Mention recipients were Alba Rojas-Cordova of Southern Methodist University (co-author Niyousha Hosseinichimeh) for "Trial Termination and Drug Misclassification in Sequential Adaptive Clinical Trials," Derek Chan of McGill University (co-authors Jeroen Struben and Laurette Dube) for the paper, "Market Formation Across Socioeconomic Class: Impact of Market Infrastructure and Mechanisms,” and Henry Bartelet of De La Salle University Manila, for his paper “Exploring the effectiveness of policies to reverse rapid coral reef degradation in the Philippines.”
Pictured left to right: Tom Fiddaman, Arash Baghaei Lakeh, Alba Rojas-Cordova, Henry Bartelet, Jeroen Struben, and John Sterman
The Application Award

The System Dynamics Applications Award is presented by the Society for the best “real world” application of System Dynamics. The Society awarded its 2017 Applications Award for the work, "Threshold 21 Model for Long-Term National Development Planning," by Steven Arquitt, Carla S. Assuad, Melak M. Ayenew, Gerald O. Barney, Santiago M. Blanco, David Collste, Hans R. Herren, Maximilian Kleemann, Matteo Pedercini, Weishuang Qu, John D. Shilling and Gunda Zuellich.
Pictured left to right: Matteo Pedercini, Hans R. Herren, and Brad Morrison
The Barry Richmond Scholarship Award

The Barry Richmond Scholarship Award is presented annually to a deserving Systems Thinking or System Dynamics practitioner whose work demonstrates a desire to expand the field or to apply it to current social issues. This year’s recipient was Conor Meehan (from Loops Consulting, Dublin, Ireland) and fellow authors Therese Bennich and David Collste for their paper “Progress in Education for Sustainable Development: Improving Learning Using System Dynamics. The Barry Richmond Scholarship Award was established in 2007 by isee systems to honor and continue the legacy of its founder, Barry Richmond.
Pictured from left to right: Karim Chichakly, Bob Eberlein, and Conor Meehan
The Lupina Award

The Lupina Young Researchers Award is given annually by the Health Policy Special Interest Group of the System Dynamics Society for outstanding papers dealing with health-related topics authored by students. The 2017 recipient is Dr. Özge Karanfil for her paper entitled "A Dynamic Model for Understanding Long-Term Trends in Prostate Cancer Screening" (Advisor: Dr. John Sterman). Dr. Karanfil is currently a Yerby Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, and a Master’s degree in Physiology from McGill University, Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine. Dr. Karanfil recently completed her PhD in System Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The award is sponsored by the Lupina Foundation of Toronto, Canada. On behalf of the Lupina Award Committee and the Health Policy Special Interest Group, congratulations!
Pictured from left to right: John Sterman, Özge Karanfil, and David Lounsbury

Benedicte Wilson
Best Poster Winners presented at the ISDC 2017

At the 35th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, five poster presentations received the Best Poster Award. The 2017 recipients of the Best Poster Award include: John Voyer and Tristan Jordan for their poster A Veterinary Telemedicine Case Study; William Grace for his poster Beyond the Death Spiral - Transitioning to Renewable Energy in Western Australia; Benedicte Wilson for her poster The dynamics of female labour force participation: how family policy influences womens work behavior; Gary Linneusson, Amos Ng, and Tehseen Aslam for their poster Justifying maintenance studying system behavior: a multi-purpose approach using multi-objective optimization; and Carolyn Stwertka and Steve Peterson for their poster Engaging communities to make resilience an operational concept. Congratulations to all on your outstanding poster presentations!
William Grace
Carolyn Stwertka

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SD Infographic

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the field of System Dynamics, we reached out to our members for help in creating an “SD Infographic” that was displayed at this year’s conference. The SD Infographic highlighted the most memorable System Dynamics-related event(s) in each year, starting in 1956. Many members of the System Dynamics community shared memories, photos, and facts that were included in the SD Infographic. The final product, designed by our sponsor Overit, was printed on a large banner and displayed at the conference. Conference participants were invited to make corrections and additions, and an updated version of SD Infographic will soon be featured on the Society's website. An interactive timeline displaying important landmarks in System Dynamics history can also be found on the Society's website. Please continue to send timeline contributions! You can share your items either on our Facebook page or via email (office@systemdynamics.org).

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System Dynamics Summer School

The 2017 System Dynamics Summer School was held at MIT, July 11-14, before the International System Dynamics Conference and annual PhD Colloquium. The Summer School, which reached full capacity a month before the conference, was incredibly successful. The Summer School provided students with an intense introduction to System Dynamics modeling, from conceptualization through formulation, testing, parameter estimation, and policy analysis. An introductory course, appropriate for those with no System Dynamics experience, and an advanced modeling course were offered. A distinguished set of faculty led the program, including David Ford, Len Malczynski, Rogelio Oliva, Hazhir Rahmandad, Nelson Repenning, John Sterman, with guest lectures by key practitioners including Jim Rogers and Rob Nachtrieb. Thanks to the generous support of PwC, a limited number of scholarships for the System Dynamics Summer School at MIT were given to applicants.

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Commemorative Videos

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During the 2017 Conference, the Society’s home office staff filmed conference attendees for a project commemorating the heritage of the System Dynamics Society. Conference attendees who participated were asked to speak on camera about the work they are doing in the field, how their story fits into the history of Society, or to simply give their thoughts on the conference itself. The videos that were collected are now featured on the Society’s YouTube channel. Please visit this link to watch the videos. Thank you to all who braved the camera and shared their story!

Thank You!

Many thanks to all who contributed their writing, photographs, and information to this conference section of the newsletter. Thanks to all conference volunteers: Babak Bahaddin, Dean Christensen, Felippe Cronemberger, Kay Kim, Peter Vincze, Mahdi Mirdamadi, Sophie Rich, Henry Bartelet, Shane Carnohan, Rabbi Alam, Gian Wieck, Mário Coelho, Jamie Melhuish, Lucia Avila, Carolyn McCarthy, Alec Eckert, Sergio Alzate-Muñoz, Sarah Mostafavi, Nasser Sharareh, Olga Poletaeva.

Conference photos are provided by: Dean Christensen, Mahdi Mirdamadi, and many others.

A sincere THANK YOU to all conference sponsors!

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