Modeling Assistance Workshop (MAW) 

The popular Modeling Assistance Workshop (MAW) is being offered again this year for members attending the Conference during the week of July 19. Gary Hirsch and Rod MacDonald are organizing these activities that enable participants to obtain one-on-one coaching on specific System Dynamics modeling questions. Questions may relate to a System Dynamics model that you are thinking about, studying, or developing.  All levels of modeling background are welcome, from beginner to advanced.  Modeling questions may cover problem articulation, dynamic hypothesis, model formulation, model testing, or policy design and evaluation.  Questions may also relate to something that you don’t understand in one of the System Dynamics textbooks or software packages. You might even get the author of the textbook or software as your coach!

Our process is different this year because of the conference’s virtual format.  We will be matching modelers with coaches based on interest and notifying both of you.  It will be up to the two of you to be in touch and set up a time to “meet” via Zoom, Skype, or other means after the conference. 

Joining the MAW

It’s not too late to participate in the Modeling Assistance Workshop.  Here’s how to let us know you would like to participate:

Modelers: Contact Rod MacDonald ([email protected] ) with your name, e-mail, home location, and a brief description of the subject area and model/problem you would like help with.  Rod and Gary will get back to you with contact information for the coach to whom you are assigned.
Coaches: Contact Gary Hirsch ([email protected] ) with your name, e-mail, home location, and areas in which you feel comfortable coaching.  We’ll be in contact with you if you are assigned a modeler to be coached.

You can also e-mail us with questions.  If you were in contact with us already, don’t worry.  We have your information and you’ll hear from us about a match.

“Office Hours” at the Conference 

In addition to e-mail, you can also “meet” virtually with Gary and Rod at the MAW booth in the 3D virtual world exhibitor area.  They will be at the booth at two times:  Monday 15:30-16:30 CEST and Tuesday 15:30-16:00 during the week of the conference starting July 19.  During that time, we can advise you about formulating your problem or model question so that you will be prepared, and we can match you up with an appropriate coach.  Please come see us during those times or let us know by e-mail whether another time might be better for you to meet.



Mentoring Program

The MAW is ideally suited for a one-time problem or modeling question on which you may be stuck.  The System Dynamics Society also offers a Mentoring Program designed to last over a number of months and help a less experienced modeler move through the stages of model development.  Jack Homer and Gary Hirsch are the program’s co-chairs.  Modelers applying for a mentorship should have a beginning model, be able to describe its reference modes, and a plan for further development.  During “Office Hours” at the conference, Gary will be able to tell you more about the mentorship program and help you evaluate whether you are at a stage where you would benefit.  You can e-mail Jack ([email protected] ) or Gary ([email protected] ) too with questions you have about the Mentoring Program.