Local Strategy for Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

Client:  a large hospital in Washington State

Authors/Consultants: Homer J, Hirsch G, Minniti M, Pierson M

Experts agree that the U.S. healthcare system is poorly organized to care for chronic illnesses and wasteful and unresponsive to the needs of patients.  The “Pursuing Perfection” program sought to improve chronic care in Whatcom County, Washington State.  SD models focusing on diabetes and heart failure supported the planning of that program.  The models project the program’s costs and benefits over 20 years and gave its leadership the ability to do resource planning, set realistic expectations, determine critical success factors, and evaluate the differential impacts on affected parties.  Relying upon model projections, the leadership sought ways to address concerns about financial “winners” and “losers” so that all parties are willing to participate in and support the program.

Publication: Homer J, Hirsch G, Minniti M, Pierson M. Models for Collaboration: How System Dynamics Helped a Community Organize Cost-Effective Care for Chronic IllnessSystem Dynamics Review, 20(3): 199-222, 2004.