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Sverre Alvik

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[email protected]

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Energy System Modeller

Position Description

The world is transiting towards a new energy future, with less carbon-intensive production and consumption of energy. The pace of the energy transition is, however, uncertain, and DNV GL is now embarking on the task of forecasting the transition and how it will impact the energy industry and the society at large.
The Energy Transition research programme is responsible for the annual DNV GL flagship publication - Energy Transition Outlook, and is spearheading the company's research activities on the unfolding energy transition, and how it will be impacting on DNV GL, our customers and sectors of operation. The programme is part of Group Technology and Research, which is the strategic long-term research & innovation division of DNV GL.
We are seeking a candidate that will have a key role in developing, extending and improving our Energy transition model and the Energy Transition Outlook.
Key tasks:
- Design and improvement of a System Dynamics model of the world's energy transition, and assume responsibility for parts of the model development and input
- Work with the DNV GL organization and energy system experts on technologies, costs, drivers and barriers for energy demand and supply alternatives, and incorporate the input into the energy model
- Contribute to documentation of the model, presentation of the outputs, and writing and dissemination of DNV GL's Energy Transition Outlook
- Process and visualize large datasets for input and output data
- Communicate and apply the results of the Energy Transition Outlook in relevant business settings for DNV GL and our stakeholders

Desired Skills

- Extensive modelling and quantitative skills, and proven analytical capabilities, as well as experience with construction and use of simulation models
- Excellent level of computer literacy is expected, including the use of Excel and STELLA or a similar System Dynamics software
- Vision and motivation for working with energy industry challenges and the energy transition
- Ability to deliver independent work, as well as to contribute to success as part of a larger team
- Curiosity, an innovative mindset, the interest to learn new topics and ability to develop new skills are important
- Good communication and interpersonal skills, excellent written and spoken English capabilities, and appreciate working in an international environment 

Preferred Qualifications

- A fresh PhD in System Dynamics, and/or global energy modelling or a Master's degree in System Dynamics/ eengineering/economics/statistics with 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience
- Familiarity with System Dynamics modelling and System Dynamics software 
- Knowledge and experience of the energy industry (e.g. oil & gas, renewables, power) and the energy sector dynamics are desired, but not required

Additional Info

Location: Oslo, Norway

Position type: Permanent employee


January 28, 2018

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