Information Science and Information Systems SIG (iSIG)

Mission Statement

We’re still working on a formal statement.

As a domain, Information Systems and Information Science has been the subject of dozens of SD studies, including fundamental analysis of project dynamics, unforeseen outcomes, and the interaction of technology and organization.  Also, the practice of simulation science is grounded in information technology.

The iSIG can be a locus for discussions on the technologies used to support our work, such as model integration and data interchange, standards (such as those under the emerging XMILE open standard), and other tools. We can also capture and disseminate best practices and guidelines for development of efficient and effective models.

Joining and Participating in the iSIG

We encourage you to join this special interest group and participate in the interchange with other iSIG members and other practitioners in the Information Systems and Information Science community who support the adoption and application of System Dynamics methodology (as well as other complimentary techniques) and best practices across all information systems and information technology sectors.

Join the iSIG conversations by sending a note to our email address: [email protected] , telling us about your preferred contact email and whether or not you are a member of the Society.

If you are a member of the System Dynamics Society, you will be granted access to our Mailing List (based on Google Groups) where the agenda and direction of our activities as a SIG will be up for discussion. Information on how to use the mailing list will be sent upon enrollment.

However, you do not need to be a member of the System Dynamics Society to participate in our moderated LinkedIn group, accessible at the following URL:

Administration of the iSIG


Membership in the iSIG is open to all members of the System Dynamics Society as well as non-members who are System Dynamics practitioners, systems thinkers, and other interested participants. iSIG members who are also System Dynamics Society members will be identifiable and searchable in the Society’s membership directory.

Meetings and Selection of Representatives

Consistent with the guidelines for all Special Interest Groups of the System Dynamics Society, the iSIG will meet at least once in a calendar year at the annual meeting of the System Dynamics Society. At this meeting, or at another date approved in coordination with the Society, two leaders will be selected. The process by which this selection is made will be posted to the web site of the iSIG and the selections will be confirmed by a simple majority vote of the SIG members present at the meeting, which may be a physical or electronic forum as established jointly with the System Dynamics Society and communicated to the SIG members through its web site and communication channels or other approved Society channels.


The activities and current list of iSIG members will be reported annually to the System Dynamics Society. To maintain its recognition by the Society as an established SIG, a minimum of six System Dynamics Society members must be registered as SIG members on an ongoing basis.

The iSIG will communicate with the System Dynamics Society Policy Council through written reports submitted to the VP Membership and the VP Chapter Activities, as specified by the Policy Council.

Reporting of iSIG activities and events as well as other matters of interest to the SIG members will be provided through the institutional communication channels (web site, mailing list, LinkedIN group) for the SIG. The Society provides the space for the SIG’s web site and provides technical support on an as-needed basis, but the production and maintenance of content generated within the SIG will be the responsibility of the SIG members themselves.


The iSIG does not (and cannot) charge any dues. The work of the SIG will be carried out through the voluntary efforts of its members and supporters, whether individual, corporate, or other organization. The SIG reserves the right to engage in activities that require monetary support or payment in kind, but any such payment must be made to a designated individual or other organization and not the SIG as it has no standing to conduct business directly or on behalf of the Society. Representatives of the SIG will determine on a case-by-case basis the payment amount and eligibility conditions for participation for any such activities or events.

Organizing/Leadership team (as of December 2013)

Stefano Armenia

Eliot Rich

The email address for reaching the SIG administrators is: [email protected].