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 Subject : Practical Mapping - a new textbook.. 06/01/2019 10:46:00 AM 
Steven Wallis
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Our new textbook, "Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation" is about to be released by SAGE. Teachers guide, syllabus, handouts and link to publisher's page are here:

I hope you will share the above link and attached flyer with your colleagues in and beyond the systems community who are teaching courses in the social/behavioral sciences - anything that has a research component (this book makes a great secondary text for any research course).

Interestingly, this book barely mentions modeling or systems. So, you may wonder, why is it relevant here? The importance is in the approach.

Because many students find systems thinking to be rather challenging, we decided to ease the reader gently into systems with an approach that is unique and oblique. Rather than talking about systems (and all its vocabulary), the book presents a jargon-free introduction to researching organizational and social systems. Students are guided through a matter-of-fact process to create knowledge maps. And, importantly, to evaluate (and improve) those maps based on their systemic structure (maps with greater structure provide more useful knowledge for understanding and resolving real world problems). Thus, students are guided into creating and improving their understanding of organizational and social systems.

The reviewers have been quite positive about the book so we look forward to getting it into a lot of classrooms (mostly as a secondary text... for now). In addition to inculcating systems thinking into a diverse student base, I anticipate that students who use this text will use the methods for their own research and consulting work (thus spreading systems thinking into a broader community). And, their minds will be "primed" for deeper work in systems dynamics and modeling.



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