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 Subject : System Dynamics course syllabi: a survey.. 04/23/2019 04:52:17 PM 
Mr. Leonard Malczynski
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Over the past two years, we have surveyed professors in the System Dynamics domain on the courses they teach. Our aim was to provide more insight into the content of courses offered in System Dynamics education programmes. Our survey resulted in an overview of the courses offered, professors, their particular specialties, literature used, and finally an approximation of the complexity of the course on a set of indicators relevant to System Dynamics.

We hope to foster communication among the various professors teaching in our or related fields, as well as providing an overview for students trying to choose a course or programme. We would like to express our gratitude to the professors that have shared their course information, and provided us with feedback and perspectives.

Please feel free to contribute a syllabus if we did not get one from you. We are also developing a database of courses, institutions, professors, and texts used.

Justus René van Peer, Len Malczynski, and Etiënne Rouwette

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