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 Subject : Re:SD software characteristics.. 05/28/2019 10:12:20 AM 
Mr. Leonard Malczynski
Posts: 48
Sorry to be a pest.

The Society is managed my volunteers. Some of them spend more than 400 hours per year doing all sorts of things that most members never see because most members do not participate.

There is no secret group that does things. All meetings are open to all members, etc. The year I served as the Society President many people approached me and said something like this, "You know Len, The Society really ought to do x". My first response was, can you volunteer to do that?

We desperately want more dedicated volunteers.

Anyone that reads this can contact me to volunteer. Look for my email in the Member Directory.

 Subject : Re:SD software characteristics.. 05/29/2019 03:18:40 AM 
Jean-Jacques Lauble
Posts: 48
Hi Guido

Just a remark concerning the possibility of not renewing your membership. This is something that I am tempted to do every year, since 18 years of membership. But I think that the field needs people like you and me, who feel sufficiently free to name a cat a cat, breaking sometimes the general SDS OMERTA. Do not be afraid: big brother (PHD’s) will not byte you across the ocean.

Best regards.

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 Subject : Re:Re:SD software characteristics.. 05/29/2019 04:10:34 AM 
Jean-Jacques Lauble
Posts: 48
Hi Len

First, Len you are not a pest!

You mentioned the desperate need of volunteers.
You should precise ‘selected’ volunteers.
Last year, I decided to accept being a reviewer of papers published at the SDS conference.
I did not accept it this year, because of the papers I had to review being so bad. Of course, I did not praise these papers, but they were still published during the year! What was the utility of my work?
At the end of 2017, the society asking me to be a volunteer, I accepted to do anything that could be useful. As the president of the SDS you proposed me to participate to the work of the SD strategy committee led by Kim Warren. Different models were sent to me, and in particular the Richardson’s model but too a model written in Sysdea, Kim’s software. Kim did not open his software freely to me so that I could study his model, expecting me to pay the fee to be able to use his software; something that I did not do. I then never studied his model. Not wanting to make another field growth model and not being able to do this seriously, I built a very small Vensim model readable with the free Vensim PLE or the free Vensim reader, about the growth of a consultancy. Kim told me that he did not use Vensim and that he would give the model to you. Did you ever have the model? Now, I think that Kim thinks that I am an idiot to believe that after more than 20 years in the field, he cannot study a very small model written in Vensim using only one view and not subscripted, the software that is the most used by the SD community? He just did not want to hear about Vensim a software competitor. I must say too that building that small model took me more than a week. I studied during the year the Richardson’s model and sent a small report about its many peculiarities (bugs etc…). the answer was ‘we are always happy to have member’s comments’ sent by yourself. And you are looking for volunteers?
I can understand that you are missing volunteers if they are treated like that.
I must add that there is a vacancy in the SD strategy committee since the beginning of the year. I am not particularly interested by being in the strategy committee, and will not take indirect profit from it (I am a business man not dealing with SD), but Kim was certainly not interested by somebody using the Vensim software and daring to criticize one of the ‘hall of fame’ member’s model. Being in the committee would too be annoying for the other sleeping members, preferring to stay asleep.
I am sorry, Len, but you are looking for gentle and obedient volunteers, and I am not gentle and obedient.
Best regards.
 Subject : Re:SD software characteristics.. 05/28/2020 06:21:56 AM 
Guido W. Reichert
Posts: 32
Dear all,

A lot of work has gone into writing the "Business Simulation Library (BSL)" for Modelica using the Wolfram System Modeler. It will now be published within the next 1-2 weeks (some documentation and testing still to be done) via the System Modeler Store at now cost. I will afterwards set up a release for OpenModelica on GitHub, so that the open source idea of collaborative development can come to full bloom.

For those who have become interested in open source, hierarchical, object-oriented System Dynamics modeling using Modelica, here is a short video (18 min) from a recent Wolfram Virtual Conference event introducing System Dynamics and the new library:

Using the Business Simulation Library (BSL)


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