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 Subject : advice on standing up system dynamics team in a company.. 04/13/2018 01:01:41 PM 
Jack Keil
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Does anybody have advice/experiences they can share about setting up a system dynamics modeling team in a company? How did you choose projects after the pilot phase? What resistance/pitfalls did you overcome? I'd be grateful for advice about these questions or anything else you've learned.

Thank you very much,
Jack Keil
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 Subject : Re:advice on standing up system dynamics team in a company.. 04/15/2018 07:42:24 AM 
Jean-Jacques Lauble
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Hi Jack

It is rather annoying that this forum is difficult to find and has little chance to be read by many people, being so well hidden.

I have little experience trying to interest people to SD, having managed a relatively small company compared to the big one's SD people are interested in, and working with people having not the background necessary to learn the method to a point where it would have helped me in my work.

Knowing other company's owners, I never dared to explain them seriously what SD was. I think that understanding what SD can be useful to, is not easy.

I made an experience, during a stay in a place where I made a presentation to people. It was a failure because I had not enough time to do it, the people were not carefully selected and were not enough motivated.

From my experience, one must first identify the utility or the purpose of introducing people to SD in your company, and to which extent. One can just expose some qualitative SD or go a bit further on with quantitative.

A second question, once one has answered the first question, is to determine the people's background necessary for the task and their motivation. A simple CLD expose does not necessary needs a high motivation for instance.

If I was considering introducing people, I would think about the beer game sold by the SDS.

I have never used it, but it looks fun, very concrete, not expensive and worth a try.

Having to select the people, I would take them one by one, and show them the real estate game in Vensim. You can either buy the Vensim PLE plus that has the gaming feature, not expensive if you work with Vensim PLE or another software, or simply use the free Vensim reader, or use a different software with gaming possibilities.

I would try with a minimum of effort or investment and proceed by very small steps and adjust my strategy at each step.


 Subject : Re:advice on standing up system dynamics team in a company.. 04/16/2018 12:50:41 AM 
Jack Keil
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Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I like the strategy you suggest - I'll try to identify possible internal clients then take them through the beer game so they can see the value of SD. I haven't heard about Vensim's real estate game so I'll look into that too.

Thanks very much for your help!
 Subject : Re:advice on standing up system dynamics team in a company.. 12/17/2018 02:27:43 PM 
Mr. Leonard Malczynski
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Although it has been a long time I am curious about your experience.

The Program Chairs for the 2019 conference discussed this topic this morning.

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