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 Subject : INFORMS Winter Simulation Conference.. 02/08/2018 12:59:27 PM 
Martin Schaffernicht
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Dear friends,

On December 9-12, INFORMS will holt the "Winter Simulation Conference" with the general theme "Simulation for a Noble Cause".

This may well be a nice opportunity for system dynamicists to reach out!

You can look it up at

Have agood day,
 Subject : Re:INFORMS Winter Simulation Conference.. 06/07/2018 08:43:04 AM 
Sam Onsp
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Location: Delhi
Sounds good Martin :)

I'm Looking forward to it.

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 Subject : Re:INFORMS Winter Simulation Conference.. 11/12/2019 10:50:31 PM 
Christine Tang
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I am debating...I have a model that would suit this Call for Papers CFP_BioMedical Modeling.pdf but I would like more time to work on the model and intended to present it at 2020 Winter Sim or 2021 Health Systems Process Improvement (HSPI) Conference to expose more people to SD (like an SEIR model...I tend to think of things in terms of health models).

1. Try for this Call for Papers and stress out about writing and producing a good product in time
2. Take my time/stick with the original plan of 2020 Winter Sim or 2021 HSPI Conference
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