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 Subject : ISO 14001 and EMS failings.. 04/20/2020 12:43:53 PM 
Ms. Lynn Johannson
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I am interested to hear from other people who have been involved with ISO 14001. There are a number of us with growing concerns that while the standard has never been a real systems approach, with the introduction of a mandated framework in its 2015 publication, that it has devolved from a 'wannabe' PDCA that required system knowledge to implement it as a real system. Now it needs much more systems insight and skill to evolve it into a real system. In addition I have come across some additional insight from some colleagues that indicates that many large firms (which are the primary users of the standard) that their focus is first and foremost on regulatory compliance (which is primarily a reporting activity, and not a doing activity) and then managing costs associated with environmental aspects. As a consequence, real environmental performance is NOT occurring. Am interested in feedback please on the experiences of others.
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