Conference Scholarship Fund – Campaign to Double Conference Sponsorship Offers

Since 2005 the System Dynamics Society has offered a conference scholarship to individuals who can make a significant contribution to the conference, but need some help financially. The scholarships offered are modest, providing help with accommodations and covering the conference registration fee, but have been a real help to recipients, often providing just enough extra support to allow them to attend.

Over the past thirteen years we have been able to provide 151 scholarships, and currently, have the budget to provide 10 each year. This number is too small! The people who apply for these scholarships are young, enthusiastic and determined to go after the big challenges of the 21st century including issues in climate change, energy, food, water and social justice. Not only do they bring their unique backgrounds to the conference, but they take with them from the conference new knowledge and contacts that can be spread within their own communities.

In 2018, our goal is to double the number of conference scholarship offers, from 10 per year to 20! To fund this increase we are asking for donations to the Conference Scholarship Fund. Our first scholarship fund contributor wrote “I would love to contribute to the Conference Scholarship Fund. This is a great opportunity!”

This is a chance to invest in something with a return far greater than that of any equity. Help build up the stock of agile minds applying System Dynamics, the premium skill of the future.

Goal in 2018: Raise $7000 through donations and offer 10 more scholarships on top of the existing 10 scholarships, totaling 20 conference scholarships in 2018.

What does the scholarship include? A conference scholarship includes one complimentary registration and $100 to be used toward the hotel and/or other local costs.

When can I make a contribution? 2018 Reykjavík Conference Scholarship Funds contributions can be made until July 31, 2018.

How will the funds be used? 100% of funds will be used for conference scholarship within the conference year. Funds will be used to cover registration fees and/or accommodation subsidies. The purpose of the fund is to subsidize finances for individuals in the field of System Dynamics who otherwise would be unable to attend the conference.

What are the guidelines? The guidelines for a scholarship will remain the same as it has been. Please see the website for details. The Conference Scholarship Selection Committee will identify recipients. The Society office will manage the fund, including disbursements, overseen by the VP Finance.

To learn about or apply for a scholarship, please visit the Conference Scholarship page.

Where do I send my contribution? It’s easy:

– Select an amount on your conference registration form, or

– Contact the Society office to pay with your credit card, or

– Make your check (in US Dollars drawn on a US bank) payable to the “System Dynamics Society” and send it to The System Dynamics Society, Milne Hall 300, Rockefeller College, 135 Western Avenue, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222 USA. Contributions are tax deductible in the US, and a letter will be sent for any contribution of $100 or more.

Thanks! The 2018 Conference Scholarship Committee