Conference Record

Conference works and presentations are a networking tool for members of the Society and those who attend a conference. The Conference provides a venue for presenting work and receiving comments that can strengthen the work and help to prepare it for wider distribution.

The Society will produce and maintain an online Conference Record of all work presented at the conference with content based on the type of submission and presentation made. The Conference Record is not intended to be a substitute for publishing in peer-reviewed journals.

The strength of the field requires publishing good work, to reach audiences beyond those attending our conferences. Consult with highly experienced professional System Dynamics colleagues for suggestions on making your work ready for publication and for suggestions of where to publish.

All material presented at the conference will have the title, authors, abstract, and a link to author information included as part of the Conference Record. Work accepted for Plenary, Parallel, and Poster sessions will optionally have a two page extended abstract or set of slides (for application presentations) included in the Conference Record. Work from these sessions may also include models and other supplementary material useful for understanding the results presented.

Use the Author Link to provide access to the published version of the paper or the most current working draft for work that is not yet published. This can be done for all presentation types.

Accepted for Presented in Title Authors Short Abstract Author Link
Extended Abstract or Slides† Supplementary Material††


Plenary or

*  *  *  *  *  *
Parallel Parallel or Poster  *  *  *  *  *
Poster Poster or WIP  *  *  *  *  *
WIP WIP  *  *  *  *    
Feedback Feedback  *  *  *  *    
Workshop or Special††† Special  *  *  *  *    

† The extended abstract should be two pages plus a bibliography. Alternatively, you may include the presentation slides. Abbreviating your paper for the Conference Record is a good idea if you intend to publish it after the conference, as many journals will refuse to publish the same paper that has appeared elsewhere. Please review the submission format here.
†† For information and examples of preferred reporting requirements, see the paper “Reporting guidelines for simulation-based research in social sciences” by Hazhir Rahmandad and John D. Sterman.
††† Special sessions, including workshops, will typically have one entry per session.

The deadline for Conference Record material is September 27. The Work for Review submitted will NOT be included in the record. The Work for Online Conference Program submitted will NOT be included in the record. The work MUST have been presented at this year’s conference to be included in the Conference Record. The electronic conference record is available for free and for public viewing.

Documents must be received in .pdf format and limited to a maximum 2MB electronic file size. The supporting material file is also limited to 2MB. Formatting Guidelines.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.