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Award Recipients


Jay Wright Forrester Award

The Jay Wright Forrester Award is presented as often as once annually for the best contribution to the field of System Dynamics during the preceding five years. The recipient receives a commemorative plaque and US$5,000. Papers, articles, books, research or consulting reports, theses or other written material that have been published or are in publishable form in the English language, in the original or after translation, are eligible for consideration.

System Dynamics Application Award

The System Dynamics Applications Award is presented by the Society for the best “real world” application of System Dynamics. The award was last presented at the 2018 annual conference in Reykjavík, Iceland. The best application is based primarily on demonstrated a measurable benefit to an organization through the use of System Dynamics, and secondarily for new ideas that improve the art of applying System Dynamics, or for relating work to existing System Dynamics literature and/or other disciplines. The work must have been conducted within ten years of the submission deadline.

System Dynamics Lifetime Achievement Award

System Dynamics Society occasionally recognizes people for making a significant contribution to a field or a practice over an extended period of time. This is the only award of the Society that is based on a body of work done over lifetime and not on a single article. This award was formalized in 2012 and had been given very sparingly in the past. No nominations are solicited for the award and the Jay Forrester Award Committee decides on the winner. The award carries a plaque recognizing the achievement of the winner.

System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award

The System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award recognizes individuals that have, on a volunteer basis, made exceptional contributions to the Society over an extended period of time. The Society has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service and Julie Pugh, who volunteered as the first Executive Director, has inspired this award. Even after establishing a central office with a paid professional staff in 1996, the growth and development of the Society has been heavily dependent on the work of volunteers. To acknowledge this work, emphasize its importance in achieving Society goals, and highlight efforts that can inspire others, this service award was established in 2009. It is awarded as often as once per year during the annual conference.

In cases where the recipient is not attending the conference the presentation may be deferred to the following conference. In this case two awards may be presented at one conference. If the recipient is not able to attend either conference the award may be announced at one of the conferences and presented privately.

Conference Paper Awards

Dana Meadows Award

The Society’s Dana Meadows Award symbolizes the Society’s commitment to students in two ways. It brings recognition to the very best student work. It also honors, in an enduring way, the life and work of Dana Meadows.

Dana Meadows is remembered as an eloquent sustainability advocate and environmental writer. But she was also, and arguably foremost, a teacher — one exceptionally committed to her students and their development not only intellectually but in all ways. Honoring Dana through this Award recognizes her work as an inspiring teacher and mentor of young people, and sets a standard for what good modeling is. The Award will help develop the next generation of systems thinkers and modelers according to her ideals. Her unusually high level of integrity in all things extended to high standards for modeling, for documentation, and for exposing assumptions.

Lupina Young Researchers Award

The Lupina Young Researchers Award is given to outstanding papers dealing with health-related topics, authored by students or recent (past 5 years) graduates and presenting at the conference.

The Health Policy Special Interest Group (HPSIG) of the System Dynamics Society is pleased to present the Lupina Young Researchers Award for work in health system dynamics, which will be awarded at this summer’s International System Dynamics Conference. The award is sponsored by the Lupina Foundation of Toronto, Canada, and will be accompanied by a check in the amount of CAN$5000. The award will be presented to the recipient (or recipients) during the HPSIG meeting on the Sunday afternoon meeting just preceding the conference, and a brief announcement will also be made to all conference attendees at a plenary session.

Barry Richmond Scholarship Award

The Barry Richmond Scholarship Award was established in 2007 by isee systems to honor and continue the legacy of its founder, Barry Richmond. Barry was devoted to helping others become better “Systems Citizens”. It was his mission to make Systems Thinking and System Dynamics accessible to people in all fields and professions.

The award is presented annually to a deserving Systems Thinking/System Dynamics practitioner whose work demonstrates a desire to expand the field or to apply it to current social issues. Applicants are considered based on quality of work as well as financial need. The recipient receives a $1,000 cash scholarship to help offset the cost of attending the Annual International System Dynamics Conference.