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Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018

 Volume 39

Number 4

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Did You Know

Did you know that the Society’s President draws on the insights, expertise and assistance of both predecessors and successors?

We asked the Presidents to respond to this question: What is the value of membership in the System Dynamics Society--and why are you a member? 

Here is what they offer:

Ignacio Martinez-Moyano - President (2018) 

President Headshot

Being a member of the System Dynamics Society is valuable because it provides opportunities for interaction with like-minded individuals that care deeply about how to make the world a better place. I am a member of the System Dynamics Society because as member of the Society I can actively participate in exchanges of ideas and knowledge that enrich my professional practice every day. 

Leonard Malczynski - Immediate Past President (2018) 

IPP Headshot

The System Dynamics Society provides access to research, literature, models, and people that help me to earn a living, teach, understand the world, and live a better life.

Martin Schaffernicht - President-Elect (2018) 

PE Headshot

I can dialogue with mostly helpful and open-minded people who have more knowledge & experience in specific areas using a shared language - so each of us can learn from one another in a wealth of areas. This makes me be a better <systems citizen> and helps me advance in my personal mission. 

Birgit Kopainsky - President-Elect (2019)

PEN Headshot

The System Dynamics Society offers various kinds of resources—from knowledge to networks—to people interested in, passionate about or struggling with System Dynamics.  I obviously benefit from the main products that the Society offers, i.e. the journal and the conferences. But more importantly than that, the Society provides a home to a community that I deeply care about—and that, to me—is quite unique in its supportive and stimulating nature.

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