Motions and Policy Council Votes Pertaining to the Future Administration of the Society


The following motions were made by Bob Eberlein and seconded by Jack Pugh. They are based on recommendations submitted by the Committee for the Future Administration of the Society (members: Bob Eberlein, Jack Pugh, and John Morecroft).

  1. Motion 1: Overhead Restrictions. That the System Dynamics Society in subcontracting administrative activities only pay overhead charges that represent the actual marginal costs of those activities. In no case shall an overhead cost in excess of ten (10) percent of itemized costs be paid.
  2. Motion 2: Administrative Office Location. That the administrative activities of the Society be undertaken by Ms. Roberta Spencer working out of the University of New York at Albany. Ms. Spencer will work one-half time on Society adminstration beginning January 1, 1997.
  3. Motion 3: Web Site and Internet Activities. That the responsibility for developing and maintaining a world wide web site and other internet activities be put under the supervision of Paal Davidsen at the University of Bergen.
  4. Motion 4: Administrative Budget for 1997. That the administrative budget for 1997 be $40,000 broken out as follows:
    $26,000 -- Salary and benefits for Roberta Spencer working one-half time.
    $6,000 -- Direct expenses associated with Society administration including telephone, postage, copying, and office supplies.
    $3,000 -- Travel and incidental expenses including attendance at the Instanbul conference by Roberta Spencer.
    $5,000 -- Preliminary funding for web site development and maintenance.
  5. Motion 5: Administrative Committee. That a committee be formed to oversee all activities associated with the administration activity. This committee will present annually a budget and report on activities for approval by the Policy Council. The administrative committee will have the power to make spending decisions within the scope of the approved budget. The committee will initially consist of Paal Davidsen, Bob Eberlein, and Jack Pugh, with the President of the Society as an ex-officio member.

Here are the results of the votes taken on the five motions pertaining to the future administration of the Society. The ballots were tabulated on 18 December 1996.

Member 1 2 3 4 5
Hines Y Y Y Y Y
Radzicki Y Y Y Y Y
Richardson Y Y Y Y Y
Andersen Y Y Y Y Y
Morecroft Y Y Y Y Y
Lane N Y Y N Y
Larsen Y N N Y N
Alfeld Y Y Y Y Y
Pugh Y Y Y Y Y
Morita Y Y Y Y Y
Eberlein Y Y Y Y Y
Ratanawijitrasin Y Y Y Y Y
Kameyama Y Y Y Y Y
Barlas Y Y Y Y Y
Coyle Y Y Y Y Y
Machuca Y Y Y Y Y
Yes Votes 15 15 15 15 15
No Votes 1 1 1 1 1