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Application to Hosting the 2002 SD Conference in Shanghai

Chinese and Japanese Chapters of SD Society

July 18, 1998

Revised on Oct 28, 1999

We have the honor of informing you that we wish to apply for hosting the 20th System Dynamics Conference in Shanghai in 2002.

After the 1987 and the 1995 System Dynamics Conferences held respectively in Shanghai and Tokyo, with the leadership and promotion of the Chapters of the System Dynamics Society, system dynamics is flourishing significantly in China and Japan. People gradually recognize the important role of system dynamics in economic development in our countries. Now governments and entrepreneurs pay great attention and give a large support on the development of system dynamics in these countries. Dozens of members from the Chapters are working on their own SD national models.

In retrospect, profound changes and tremendous progress have taken place in China. On the threshold of the 21st century, we have opportunity as well as challenge. The knowledge economy, information revolution are two-edge swords, which will separate the haves from the have-nots as never before. Furthermore, in the trend of globalization, China's entrance to WTO will absolutely have a great impact on it. As a developing country embarked on the road of rapid growth, China has formulated its development strategy, promoted scientific and technological progress to keep up with the global pace.

As the largest economic and financial center in China, Shanghai has been changing with each passing day with the target of becoming one of the largest international economic and financial center in the world in 2010. The GDP per capita in Shanghai will reach over $4000 in 2000 from $3000 in 1997. The convenient traffic and the consummate infrastructure give the organizers prerequisite precondition of holding an international academic conference.

In order to promote the further development of system dynamics in China, Japan, and Asia, we wish to hold the 20th System Dynamics Conference in Shanghai in 2002, which will be hosted by our two chapters at Fudan University. This high-level conference will bring the top decision-makers and practitioners interested in system dynamics from key municipal and provincial agencies together with senior representatives of international enterprises to discuss the impact of emerging knowledge economy on our world and how best to have a new round of economic development after the finance crisis for Asia and some countries in South America and the world and to realize the extraordinary economic potential of China. And the basic research results of our national models will be presented at the conference.

The conference will attract more than two hundred practitioners interested in policy studies based on system dynamics and systems thinking. The conference will consist of plenary and parallel sessions as well as ample opportunities for relaxed social and professional interactions. We can provide the favorable board and lodging for the conference. Concerning the advantages of Shanghai's application to host the 2002 SD conference, we have quite a few points to offer:


  1. Profound Environment: Emphasis has been continuously been laid on the importance of education as the municipal government comes to be aware that science and education are decisive factors in economic development. Therefore the SD conference will be well prepared.


  2. Competitive Price: We can provide the participants the same condition by competitive price. For example, we can offer discount air tickets like the round trip from New York to Shanghai by US$700-800. The accommodation fee is lowered to about 60% compared to the hotel with same condition abroad. Though the registration fee sticks to the usual as $300, students can have a discount of 1/3-1/2%.


  3. Beautiful Scenery: Shanghai enjoys a style with the combination of west and east, modern with tradition to make it a favorite to tourists all over the world. In addition, we have two hot visiting spots adjacent to Shanghai: "Suzhou and Hangzhou, which are so attractive that it is said: "in heaven we have paradise, in the world we have Suzhou and Hangzhou."


  4. Delicious Food: Talking about Chinese food, it is popularly recognized that Chinese cuisine is world-famous for its perfect combination of color, aroma, taste and appearance. We will be greatly honored if the members of the SD conference can share the culinary art with us.

We hope that you will kindly take into consideration this requirement of ours. Looking forward to a prompt reply.

With best regards,

Qifan Wang, President
Chinese Chapter of System Dynamics Society

Saburo Kameyama, President
Japanese Chapter of System Dynamics Society



Last modified: February 17, 2001