The Japanese Chapter of the International System Dynamics Society (JSD)

1999 Report of the Japanese Chapter

July 1999



Corporations: 12


Persons: 105 (including 33 Society members)

Activities (from August 1998 through July, 1999):


Monthly Meeting.

We have two kinds of monthly meeting. Monthly Research Meeting and National Model Meeting. Meeting is held Saturday afternoon from 13:30 to 17:00 at Tokei Kenkyukai, Shinbashi, Tokyo. Attendance average 15 persons.

[Monthly Research Meeting]

[National Model Meeting]


Research Projects for Special Problems.

JSD authorized following Research Projects continued from previous year.


Theoretical Approach to SD (Shogo Sakakura)


Research on Financial Systems (Tomofumi Sumita)


Social Security (Takahiro Kojima)


Environmental Problems (Yoshio Hanzawa)


SD National Models (Saburo Kameyama)


Development of SD Course Wares (Hidenori Kobayashi)

Some of project research results have presented in monthly meeting and all final project results will published in coming issue of JSD Journal volume 3.


Issues of JSD Journal "System Dynamics"



Issues of Monthly Newsletters.

JSD start to issues 6 pages monthly newsletter from January 99 for notice of the monthly meeting and report of previous meeting. This information also provided on JSD homepage of our web site.

[Monthly Research Meeting]


The 72th:"The Report about the 1998 ISDC in Quebec." Shogo Sakakura (The Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship). Saturday, August. 15, 1998


The 73th: "Evaluation of Solar Power Satelite." Yoshiki Yamagiwa (Shizuoka University). Saturday, November 21, 1998


The 74th: "SD for Consulting - Practical Use of SD and Qualitative Models. Toru Suetake (Arthur Andersen Tokyo). Saturday, December 19, 1998


The 75th: "Dynamic Development of Policy Studies: Excel System Dynamics." Hidenori Kobayashi (Chuo University)


The 76th: "An Application to SD to Facility Management." Shoji Hidaka (NTT Data Corporation). Saturday, March 20, 1999


The 77th: "Management Flight Simulator." Naoki Takada (Fuji Research Institutes). Saturday, May 15, 1999


The 78th: "Japanese ODA, Official Development Aid - Assistance of New Economic Development Waves after Asian Crisis." Keiji Omura (Asian Research Institutes). Saturday, July 17, 1999

[National Model Meeting]


The 10th:"A National Model - after that." Hidenori Kobayashi (Chuo University). Saturday, September 19, 1998


The 11th: "National Model Advanced from the World Model - Initial Subjects Issued in a National Model." Saburo Kameyama (Chuo University). Saturday, October 17, 1998


The 12th: "International Linkage of Interindustry Relations Dynamic Models." Yasuhiko Shinoi (International Trade and Investment Research Institutes). Saturday, February 20, 1999


The 13th: "Mental Model and SD."Toru Suetake (Arthur Andersen Tokyo). Saturday, April 17, 1999


The 14th: "Environmental Problem - An approach from Microorganism - analysis of a Recent Case Study in U.K." Shigeomi Ochiai (Jonquil Consulting). Saturday, June 19, 1999


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