System Dynamics Review

Editor's Report

Graham W. Winch

March 2000

  1. Article Backlog

    The backlog is in reasonable shape, though not bulging. The current article status is:
    16(1): In press - 4 articles (3 Full + 1 N&I)
    16(2): In typesetting - 4 articles

    Accepted 3 articles [2 articles + 1 N&I. (One article is very long and will be split into two)]
    In first review - 3 articles
    With authors for rewrites - 7 articles (2 minor, 5 major)

    Note: Articles requiring rewrites but with authors for more than a year are ignored.

  2. Special Issues

    No special issue is slated for this year. It was hoped that there might be a Millennium theme throughout the volume by highlighting articles of critical and enduring importance to the field and cases/applications of long-term interest and validity. The range of articles to date has reflected the usual range of topics, though it probably cannot be said that they reflect this theme to any greater degree than normal.

    A special on Consulting/Practice is slated for 2001, guest edited by Usman Ghani. 2/3 submissions have already been received.

    A special on SD in Smaller Firms (SMEs) and Organisations is planned for 2002, guest edited by Carmine Bianchi.

  3. Promotion of SDR

    Wiley actively promotes the SDR through its presence at conferences, mailings and cross promotions in their related journals. In 1999 they also ran a special promotion by printing extra copies of the Healthcare special and specifically targeted these at healthcare communities.

  4. Jay W. Forrester Award

    Will the award committee please advise 2000 winner that the Review likes to publish an article based on the acceptance speech/presentation. Ideally this goes in the 4th Issue of the year, which means a final deadline of mid-September with the Editor.