System Dynamics Review

Editor's Report - Winter PC Meeting 1999

1. Review of 1998. Volume 14 was a very full set of issues, at least in terms of pages. The article count, however, was more typical. It has to be noted that the Sustainable Development special had to be published as a double issue, owing to its size - five full articles were accepted by the guest editors, but these were very long, totally around 160 pages. Part of the problem contributing to the recent number of articles versus total page debate seems to have been a trend of increasing size of articles. The attractive layout of the journal does also mean that use of space is not particularly efficient. The Editor has therefore made two requests of section editors relating to the review/acceptance process:


to encourage authors to be as concise as possible, without, obviously, reducing impact and quality.


in general, to discourage the full listing of model equations in final versions, but should include formulations and discussion for any critical relations. Authors are, as always, required to make full listings available to referees if requested, and should be prepared to provide non-commercially sensitive listings to bona fide researchers upon request.

2. Outlook for 1999. The backlog situation is now very healthy. Volume 15:1 is already in press with a full issue, and the line-up for 15:2 is already complete - subject to final editorial decisions on balance. The special on Healthcare slated as 15:3 is in good shape - the guest editors report a satisfactory submission rate and generally good article quality. Most potentially acceptable articles are now back with authors for final rework. The backlog of articles in review is also good, promising full and balanced up-coming issues. A special is not planned for 2000, though a millennium theme of some kind throughout the volume could be interesting - ideas welcomed!

3. Editorial Board. Carmine Bianchi of the Universities of Bari and Palermo is joining the editorial Board to add to the 1998 new members. He will take a particular interest in issues related to SD in smaller firms.

4. Internet Access. Wiley has now launched its web-based journal service under the Interscience banner. The Review is now accessible electronically via the internet, and this service is free to all subscribers from 1999. Access to earlier issues back to volume 12, 1996 is also available. Full details of this were in recent issues, and subscribers/members should be receiving letters outlining how to access the materials. The address is

Graham W. Winch
Executive Editor
Plymouth, 30th. January 1999