System Dynamics Society

Policy Council Meeting, Summer 1998

Report from the Executive Editor -- System Dynamics Review

  1. I am pleased to be able to report that the current situation regarding article backlog is relatively healthy, "better than it has looked in a long time" to quote Andy (Ford). My latest count is that we have 5 accepted full articles, plus 1 N&I article. One further N&I article is accepted subject to final authors' amendments. In addition, 8 are in review of which early reactions to 4 are positive. Approximately 10 are with authors for revisions with various (above zero) levels of probability of resubmission. Assuming a JWF prize winner article, and with the Sustainable Development special issue about to appear, this means we are now beginning to line up 15:2. A special on Healthcare Dynamics is also scheduled for Volume 15.

  2. 14:1 was a full regular issue, 14:2 - under guest editorship of Khalid Saeed and Mike Radzicki - has been expanded to a double special issue. This was necessary as the final page count will be 168 pages, double the page allocation for a single issue.

  3. There has been discussion amongst the Publications Committee concerning the number of full articles appearing recently. My position is that I believe there is limited scope currently to increase this if we are to carry the present range of materials and remain within the page extent agreed with the publisher (about 88 pages per issue, including Society page, guidelines, contents etc.). All recent volumes have actually exceeded the page limit by a significant margin. To propose an increase to the extent, or even to confirm an intention to continually over-run, would command a proportionate increase in membership fees/subscriptions. As an attempt to alleviate things a little, I have asked section editors to watch article length and to discourage full model listings in final acceptances. Slow response by some referees, including senior Society members, remains an occasional problem.

  4. There have been further welcome additions to the editorial team, but further suggestions for possible Associate Editors are still invited. Publications Committee recommended that Associate Editors be assigned to specific topic areas. It has always been the case that AE's are associated with, but not limited to, particular areas, and the specific interests of all new AE's are given when their joining the panel is announced in the Editorial. I intend, however, to continue the practice of formally listing AE's with their institutional affiliation which, I believe, emphasises the strong institutional and geographic basis of our editorship.

  5. Some very supportive unsolicited comments have been received from readers/members. This is very gratifying to the editorial team, and a testimony to their work. I would like to offer my personal appreciation, in particular, to all the section editors for their continuing tremendous efforts, and to all others for their support. PC is invited to offer any further comments on the content and direction of the Review if it wishes.

Graham Winch
Plymouth, 4th. July 1998

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