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1999 - 2007 Conference Updates

Bob Eberlein - Vice President Meetings


Things are proceeding well. Roberta has more detail on what is happening.

2000 - Notes from Pal Davidsen

The administrative and social programs presented in Quebéc still hold. The university travel agent has reserved hotel rooms in various price classes. Consequently, Roberta can send the names of everyone who signs up and wants us to help out with hotel rooms to Univers Reiser. I will check whether Univers has a reservation Web page that we can refer to or the information they need should be included on our registration form. Since this will be the peak season for tourists in Bergen, prices will peak as well, but I do not think they will be close to, say, Boston (Mariott) prices for regular hotel rooms. Food may be a bit more expensive, but no tip will be required. I would urge people to make airline reservations well in advance

I have not yet named the local conference committee, but that will be ready at the time of the New Zealand conference. The conference will be hosted at the University Campus in downtown Bergen. No alternative place has been identified. 20 - 30 students will be available to help out.

Concern on Program Chair: I would like the Policy Council to name the Program Chair(s) for the 2000 conference ASAP. Having spoken with David A., it seems that Ali M. may have some administrative problems serving as Program Chair on his own. David Ford has, since long, volunteered his effort, but was told that it was a tradition that the President Elect was offered the task as Program Chair.


We have received a preliminary proposal from Nathan Forrester to host the conference in Atlanta. This proposal is attached. For the most part the proposal looks good, though I am somewhat concerned about the cost for participants. Nathan is looking into lower cost accommodation with Emory, and is open to pushing the conference to a different facility.


According to our modified rotation schedule these conferences should be in Europe. We have a short proposal in hand for 2002 from Qifan Wang to host the conference in Shanghai, China and this is attached. I have contacted via email Paula Antunes, Jose Machuca and Carmine Bianchi all of whom, as I understand, have expressed interest in hosting a conference. None have replied to me.


These conferences should be in the US. Diana Fisher, a high school teacher in Portland Oregon, has expressed some interest in hosting the conference in Portland. I sent an email to Mike to see if WPI had any interest.



Last modified: February 17, 2001