Results of the Asynchronous Meeting on Expenditure Priorities

Key Investments in the Field of System Dynamics




make the Executive Director a full-time position


develop an on-line preprint archive (like the Los Alamos physics archive)


website with answers to frequently-asked questions plus bibliographic links


online discussion to develop answers to difficult frequently-asked questions


produce/compile/maintain Web resources to answer "What is system dynamics?"


create a world-class website to introduce the world to the Society


create a web repository of reviewed public domain models


develop and maintain on-line library of published models


put interfaces on general interest models with Web access to assist teaching


set up booths at INFORMS and other academic conferences


strengthen links with other methods and disciplines


more outreach to mainstream societies in related fields, e.g., AOM, INFORMS


promote linkages to the Systems Thinking community



create and maintain a web-based directory of members


cash prizes for best work by university students (undergrad, grad, Ph.D.)


sponsor a student paper competition


prize for best student paper presented at the annual conference


yearly award for best masters and/or doctoral thesis


college scholarships for high school students interested in the SD field


scholarships for Ph.D. students


travel and living expense supplements for Bergen exchange students


greatly reduce student rates for our conferences


greatly reduce student subscription rate for the SD Review


support conference travel for students and junior faculty with low incomes


develop "tried and true" curriculum materials for primary/secondary/college


invest in advancing the teaching of SD in high schools


compile teaching material


yearly prize for best SD Review main article


yearly prize for best SD article published outside the SD Review


prize for best paper outside the SD Review on a SD application


prize for best paper in SD Review of interest to readers outside the field


prize for best SD application that solves real-world managerial problem


prize for best paper connecting SD to related fields


target specific topics for work/papers with annual awards plus publication


increase the financial award given with the Forrester prize


create yearly awards for the best SD consulting projects



sponsor "Seminars for Beginners" at the annual conference


subsidize conferences/meetings/workshops aimed at expanding the SD field


publish methodology/technology reviews with critiques


publish a collection of the best work every five years


subsidize "ghost writers" for publication of best managerial applications


fund George Richardson to write an intellectual biography of Jay Forrester


sponsor a scholarly book series


sponsor yearly publication of at least one book on specific SD topics


develop new products/educational games (like beer game) for Society to sell


license run-time software for search/display/print sent out with bibliography