Webmaster’s Report


During the past year our website received about 3,000 hits per month, which was about a 4% increase over the previous year.


The greatest change in managing our web this past year is Roberta and her staff producing some of the pages using Microsoft Word.  Word produces usable pages, but without any pizzazz.  We could purchase more elegant web page software, but these all require a considerable amount of learning.


An important issue for our web pages is “to which audience are they addressed, to members or to people exploring system dynamics”.  The answer obviously differs from page to page.  Clearly, the agenda for the January Policy Council Meeting is addressed to members, while the home page should primarily address the novice.


I believe that we should improve the appearance of our pages addressed to novices, perhaps by hiring professional help.  (Do we have any web professional among our members?)  Also, we should get moving on our often promised, publicly available models.  Are there other services that our members want?