Report of Executive Editor to the SDS Policy Council (Summer 2003) New York


1.               Volume 19.

19:3           To contain three full articles and a book review of K. Warren’s Competitive Strategy Dynamics.

N. Georgantzas : Cyprus Tourism Dynamics
A. Skraba et al : Group Exploration of SD Models
M. Park & F. Pena-Mora : Dynamic Change Management for Construction.



19:4     To include JWF Prize Winning Author’s Address.

Plus Archive paper? (D-memo zero, written November 5, 1956 – subject to consent of JWF).

Plus one other paper currently in the review process.


2.               Statistics


Of the 56 papers received since I became Executive Editor on 1st January 2002 (not counting submissions to Special Issues) 21 have been rejected (38%); 3 accepted with 19 in the revision stage and 13 at first review.

There are approximately 6 papers with a good chance of acceptance within 6 months.


3.               Location for non-print material


Wiley have stated that they cannot host a site containing models and/or data.  Hopefully the SDS can identify a location.  The link would be inserted in the paper abstract in Wiley InterScience.  Wiley would prefer not to have to do this twice and so currently links are provided directly to authors’ own sites and are listed in the text of the paper at some suitable point.  Managing Editors obtain copies of the non-print material for reviewers.  Where models are small enough, an equation listing is provided in an appendix, although even then many readers may prefer an electronic copy.


4.               Papers from New York Conference Review System


A spreadsheet was forwarded from the Home Office after completion of the conference paper review process.  It showed a listing of around 90 papers of which 3, 2 or 1 reviewers had recommended could be developed into journal papers.  This could be a very useful source of manuscripts for the System Dynamics Review.


5.               Special Issues


Environmental and Resource Issues (A. Ford and R. Y. Cavana) on track for 2004.

Dynamics of Supply Chains & Networks – Henk Akkermans and N. Dellaert. Formal proposal accepted for 2005.

Security – suggested by Jose Gonzalez (Norway). To be discussed by proposers at New York conference.


Brian Dangerfield

July 2003