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Requirements for Hosting the System Dynamics Conference

1. Written Proposal.

A written proposal must be presented to the Policy council of the System Dynamics Society before a conference host can be officially selected. The proposal should address all items listed in these requirements and other issues deemed relevant.
Deviations from these guidelines must be included in the submitted proposal and require the approval of the Policy Council.

2. Fees and Costs.

The total conference costs should be kept as low as is reasonably possible.
The conference fee should be less than US$250.00 (less for students and low income individuals). Any surplus of conference income over conference costs will be forwarded to the Society for its general use. The conference should be budgeted so that US$50.00 of the fees collected per participant can be remitted to the Society. In the case of cost overruns or unexpected expenses, the Society has no net liability.

3. Site.

The conference site should be chosen so as to have easy international access.
The conference site should have inexpensive and convenient accommodations available.
The conference site and associated accommodations should keep delegates close together to facilitate informal communication.

4. Proceedings.

The conference proceedings will include all papers presented, or abstracts when this is appropriate.
The conference proceedings will be distributed to each participant during the conference. 150 volumes of the conference proceedings will also be shipped to the Society's principal office within three months of the conference. The originals from which the proceedings are made will be retained at the Society's principal office.
The proceedings will remain the property of the Society with individual authors retaining their copyrights. The Society is free to reprint and distribute the proceedings at its convenience.
Page fees may be charged for papers beyond a reasonable length.
Deviation from this pattern will be considered, but requires the approval of the Policy Council as stated in item 1.

5. Publicity.

A conference announcement and "Call for Papers" will be distributed at the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society immediately preceding the conference in question.
In the fall prior to the conference, a "Call for Papers" will be mailed to all members of the System Dynamics Society and other interested people. The "Call for Papers" will allow generous time to meet deadlines.
In the fall prior to the conference, a "Call for Papers" will be printed in the System Dynamics Review and other relevant journals.
Several months before the conference, an announcement and registration form will be mailed to all members of the System Dynamics Society and other interested people.

6. Program.

Programs will include plenary sessions and parallel/poster sessions with time allotted for special interest groups and Society Policy Council meetings.
There will be time allocated in the formal program for the General Business Meeting of the Society.
Papers to be presented at the conference will be subject to review and selected on the basis of quality, interest, and originality.

7. Finances.

The organizers of the conference are responsible for arranging conference financing.
The Society shall receive all income from the conference beyond expenses, but will not responsible for shortfalls.
The organizers of the conference will collect conference fees, and make payment to the Society within three months after the conference.

8. Deadlines.

Abstracts will be due in the fall of the year before the conference. Paper and presentation selection may be made on the basis of abstracts. Selection of plenary papers will be based on full papers.
Full papers will be due early in the year of the conference, between two and four months prior to the conference.
The conference will be held during the summer (July or August) at a time that is convenient for the participants.


Last modified: February 17, 2001