System Dynamics Society Policy Council


Proposal for a New Applications Award


John Morecroft (on behalf of the Forrester Award Committee)


27 January 2005



Dear Members of Policy Council


Attached is a proposal for a new Society award to recognise the work of the many skilled practitioners who contribute to the system dynamics community.  The original proposal was written by Alan Graham and has since been revised based on discussions with members of the Forrester Award Committee[1].  These discussions were conducted by phone and e-mail and are available from me for inspection. 


Overall we were positive about the proposal from the start.  A practitioner-oriented award is timely, cleanly differentiated from our two existing awards, and a good way to showcase top quality applications of system dynamics. We made a number of critical suggestions about the administration of the new award which have been addressed in the proposal now before you.  Any remaining loose ends can be sorted out during implementation. 


The Forrester Award Committee therefore unanimously recommends to the Policy Council the establishment of an applications award as set-out in the proposal.  



[1]The main work of the Forrester Award Committee is of course the administration of the Forrester Award itself.  However, another responsibility is to take an overview of all the Society’s awards, to review proposals for new awards and to make recommendations to Policy Council.