Minutes of the General Business Meeting

10 August 2000

Bergen, Norway

In Attendance

Officers: David Andersen (Vice President - Finance), Nan Lux (Vice President - Member & Chapter Activities), Ali Mashayekhi (President-Elect), Alexander L. Pugh, III (Past President), Michael J. Radzicki (Secretary), Jac Vennix (President)

Members: Approximately 60 members were present.

Call to Order

Action Items

The motion passed unanimously.

Informational Items

Winch announced that a short survey will soon be sent out in an effort to learn how to solve the medium-term backlog problem. The short-term backlog problem can be solved by fast-tracking the refereeing process for plenary session papers from the conference.

Special issues are also a good way to deal with backlog problems. Winch noted that Usman Ghani will edit a special issue on system dynamics and consulting. Similarly, Carmine Bianchi will edit a special issue on small business uses of system dynamics.

Lastly, Winch noted that he will be stepping down as Executive Editor on 1 January 2002. He appealed to the membership to let him pass on a good backlog of papers to his successor.

Paal Davidson and the committee will begin working on these tasks after the Bergen conference.

With respect to the second goal, Pugh noted that Mike Radzicki and Robert Taylor have donated a web-based system dynamics tutorial to the Society and that Jay Forrester's Road Maps course could be placed on the site as well.

Lastly, Pugh noted that he would eventually like to see the Society's membership directory on the site.

In other interest group news:

The Italian chapter holds two meetings per year and hosts system dynamics workshops from time to time. There is a significant system dynamics presence in Milan, Genoa, Rome, Palermo, and Florence. In 2002 the chapter will host the international system dynamics conference.

This year the chapter awarded a student prize and is interested in hosting additional events in collaboration with other groups such as the Society for Research in Higher Education.

David Andersen told the students in the audience to be sure to inform the Policy Council if any support is needed.


This generated a spirited discussion.

Jack Pugh argued that the electronic discussion hosted by John Rohrbaugh on the internet was set-up to spend money, not set goals. Alternatively, Jac Vennix suggested that there may have been some useful ideas generated by Rohrbaugh's process.

Ali Mashayekhi asked how the Society should go about operationalizing its priorities.

Andy Ford suggested that the Society schedule its conference adjacent to other conferences.

Erling Moxnes suggested that the Society needs a list on its web site that tells people what they can do for the Society.

A systematic marketing program was also suggested.

John Morecroft noted that John Wiley has a significant presence at many conferences and should be encouraged to promote system dynamics at these events.

At this point David Packer moved and Jack Pugh seconded a motion to "formally endorse Jac Vennix's three priorities for the Society." The motion passed unanimously.

Guenther Ossimitz, author of the system dynamics "mega-list," suggested that his list could add to the Society's web presence. Furthermore, the list should be expanded, for example, to other languages.

Jim Hines suggested that there should be links back and forth between the Society's web site and the mega-list.

Nathan Forrester moved and Jim Hines seconded a motion to "assign web master Jack Pugh the task of investigating how to establish links between the Society's web site and the mega-list."


Andreas Groessler moved and Nathan Forrester seconded a motion that "the meeting be adjourned." The motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at by Jac Vennix at 2:27 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael J. Radzicki