Report of the Economic Dynamics Chapter

31 January 2005


Addition of the mailing list

Since the time of the last report in July 2004, an official mailing list for the Chapter was created. The list was announced on August 31, 2004. Its name is: [email protected] . There are currently 59 subscribers. Anyone interested may subscribe to the list -- instructions of how to subscribe to the list are provided on the Chapter website.



The Chapter website,, has been continuously maintained and updated. Its content now includes Chapter constitution, information about current and past officers, selected bibliography, teaching resources, minutes from past chapter meetings, and several links that may be of interest to Chapter members.


An election

During the 2004 Conference in Oxford, Michael Radzicki expressed a wish to step down as President of the Chapter as of January 1, 2005. Hence, I organized an election of Chapter President. It was decided in Oxford that the election can be conducted over email.


Through the nomination process, two candidates were identified:


  1. Alfredo Moscardini, a Professor at Sunderland University, UK
  2. Burkhard Schade, a researcher at the Institute for Economic Policy Research, University of Karlsruhe, Germany.


Each candidate submitted a description of his background and an action plan for the case if elected. This information was distributed via the mailing list and chapterís website. Results of the election were as follows:


number of votes received: 11

votes for Alfredo Moscardini: 3

votes for Burkhard Schade: 8


Hence,Burkhard Schade was pronounced the next chapter president. Michael Radzicki stepped down as President at the end of 2004 and has been succeeded by Burkhard Schade.



Oleg V. Pavlov


Economic Dynamics Chapter