Australasian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society

Provisional Update of Activities: August 2000 - February 2001

We would like to present an informal update of activities of the Australasian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society, since John Barton_s report at the Annual Conference of the SD Society in Bergen in July 2000.

  1. Meetings

    Australia New Zealand Systems (ANZSYS) Conference _ November 2000.

  2. Seminars
  3. Membership Updates

    _ Currently there are about 33 members in the Chapter, including 22 from Australia (16 full members and 5 associate members) and 10 from New Zealand (5 full members and 5 associate members). The geographical spread of membership is: Victoria _ mostly Melboune (6), New South Wales (7), Canberra (6), Queensland (3), Auckland (5), and Wellington/Palmerston North (5).

  4. Current Problems

    _ The main problem faced by the branch at this stage is that persistent efforts to build a biographical data base of the membership had attracted only about a 30% response from members. This could be partly due to the thin spread of members over wide geographical areas in Australasia.

    _ What are other chapters_ experiences in this respect?

  5. Goals (a) Webpage: Keith Linard has offered to generate a Webpage for the Chapter. This would be limited to members and details of the contents of the page will be advised. (b) Arrangements for next Conference/Meeting: The next conference of ANZSYS will be held at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia on 26-27 November 2001. The SDS Chapter will most likely hold its AGM at that conference. However, Keith Linard indicated that a Chapter meeting could be arranged in Canberra, if necessary in conjunction with 2001 plans for extended professional meetings with which he was involved.

Final Comments

_ System Dynamics activity is also a lot healthier in New Zealand now, both at universities and in the public and private sectors. However, we have not yet set up systems to report on SD activities in NZ but we hope to do that in the future!

_ Finally we would like to thank Peter Galbraith for his work on developing the Chapter membership data base and for recording the notes from our Chapter meeting at the November ANZSYS conference.

John Barton Bob Cavana
President, Australasian Chapter Policy Council Rep, Australasian Chapter