Minutes of the General Business Meeting

Of the

System Dynamics Society

25 July 2006

Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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In Attendance


Mike Radzicki (President), David Packer (Secretary), Robert Eberlein (Vice President—Electronic Presence),  David Andersen (Vice President--Finance), Deborah Andersen (Vice President—Publications), Ginny Wiley (Vice President—Chapter Activities), Deborah Campbell (Vice President—Member Activities) Jim Lyneis (Vice President--- Meetings), Brian Dangerfield (Executive Editor, System Dynamics Review).

Members:  Approximately 45 members of the Society at the start, with more arriving during the meeting.

Call to Order and Announcements

President Mike Radzicki called the meeting to order at 8:35am.  He announced that Assistant VPs had been appointed as follows:  Ed Anderson to Assist Dave Packer, Secretary and Aldo Zagonal to assist Ginny Wiley, VP Chapter Activities; also that John Wiley has been given permission to digitize the System Dynamics Review completely.   

Agenda Items:

Minutes: Dave Packer moved (Bob Eberlein seconding) that “The minutes of the July 20, 2005 Business Meeting held at the Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA, USA be approved.”  The motion carried unanimously.

VP Meetings: Jim Lyneis thanked organizers for the success of this conference in Nijmegen, and reviewed the future schedule. 2007 in Boston (Seaport Hotel) will be a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the field; 2008 will be in Athens, Greece; and the tentative selection of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA for 2009, reflecting decisions of the Policy Council on Sunday. In addition, the Policy Council voted a commitment to a Pacific Rim Conference by 2011 or sooner.  In closing, Jim announced that Andreas Grosser now becomes Vice President—Meetings.

Nominating Committee: Mike Radzicki noted that the outgoing President is charged with forming and chairing a Nominating Committee for the following year and announced that the committee will be  Yaman Barlas, Jim Lyneis, Ozge Pala, Qifan Wang (President Elect), and Mike Radzicki  (President/Chair).

VP Chapter Activities: Ginny Wiley reported that the Society now has sixteen Chapters (1 new this year—Psychology and the name of the Economics Dynamics Chapter has been shortened to Economics).  The growing Chapter presence continues the success story for the Society in this domain.  She noted that, as voted by the Policy Council in 2005, the VP Chapter Activities has been separated from the VP Member Activities, with Deborah Campbell assuming the new responsibility.  She also noted that the Poster Session for Chapters at this conference has replaced individual Chapter reports and that the Poster Session contents will be put on the Society’s web site.  Web capability for the Chapters continues as an important focus as we move ahead.

VP Member Activities: Deborah Campbell reported that her role covers membership service and activities and includes Special Interest Groups (SIGs), of which there are now six with the Information Services SIG added since the last meeting. 

VP Electronic Presence:  Bob Eberlein introduced his role briefly with Mike Radzicki noting that all Policy Council work is on the Society website along with other important items and tutorials.  He thanked Bob for the very effective paper information system now fully in place.

Executive Director: Roberta Spencer noted that the Society continues to be in a good health and that this conference is largest ever in Europe. Product sales are a strong point.  The office in Albany is being removed and all are cordially invited to visit.  There is a full Annual Report is on the web.

VP Finance: Bob Eberlein gave this report for David Andersen, who was delayed. He noted the Society is healthy with a $400,000+ cash balance and that the 2007 Budget just approved shows about a $20,000 surplus with the major income items conference registrations, membership fees, and product sales and the major expenses salaries and conference expenses.  He noted that all details are available on the web for those interested. 

VP Publications: Deborah Andersen noted that open access publishing is not available now given our arrangements with John Wiley but that we want to move in this direction.  Dynamica will be open, but will take awhile and conference proceedings are open.

Open Discussion

In answer to a question about collaboration with other fields, Mike Radzicki noted that the Policy Council approved appointment of a committee to explore the SD/ISSS linkage, commenting that both societies use John Wiley.  Also that SIG’s and Chapters are leverage points for such collaboration.  Bob Cavana will be asked to follow up as this topic is his direct responsibility as VP—at Large. 

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:50am

Respectfully Submitted,

David W. Packer, Secretary

23 August, 2006

[email protected]

System Dynamics Society

Business Meeting July 25, 2006