Report to the Policy Council from the Awards Committees


John Morecroft

January 2005



This report is to provide information for the Policy Council.  The Society has two Awards Committees, one handling the Forrester Award and the other the Dana Meadows Student Award.  There is deliberately some cross membership to provide coordination and oversight of Society Awards.  Information about both Awards is on the Society’s website, including eligibility criteria, nominations procedure and past winners.   The Committee members for 2005 are listed below.



Forrester Award Committee 2005


John Morecroft (Chair)


David Andersen


George Richardson


John Sterman


Jac Vennix



Dana Meadows Student Award Committee 2005


John Morecroft (Chair)


Bob Cavana


Andy Ford


George Richardson


Krystyna Stave


John Sterman


Erich Zahn



The Awards committees are self-governing. This year (as a result of conversations initiated at the Oxford conference) the Forrester Award Committee has devised, reviewed and agreed a new procedure for changing its members.  On behalf of the Committee I am reporting the new procedure along with a note on historical practice.
Future Procedure for Changing Members of the Forrester Award Committee

The Award Committee is composed of previous winners of the Forester Award.  There are 5 members of the 2005 Committee, listed above.


Until now there has been an ad-hoc process for changing members of the Committee.  This process has worked well in an era when the Award was relatively new and the pool of previous winners was small.  But the pool is now larger and it is appropriate to define a more formal renewal procedure.  After consultation with David Andersen and Jac Vennix at the 2004 Oxford, and subsequent e-mail correspondence between all Committee members, the following approach has been agreed for the future.


The five members of the Forrester Committee will each normally serve a 5-year term.  The Committee Chair is responsible for identifying and confirming replacements at the Annual Conference (in consultation with the other Members) and then notifying the Society President and Policy Council of changes at the Winter Policy Council meeting. 


Proposed roll-out dates for existing Committee Members are:

end 2005 – David Andersen

end 2006 – George Richardson

end 2007 – John Morecroft

end 2008 – Jac Vennix

end 2009 – John Sterman


So, David Andersen, as the longest serving member of the current Committee, will step-down at the end of 2005 and the Committee will select his replacement during the Boston 2005 conference. The rest of us roll-out one-by-one, longest serving first. Former Members are eligible to re-join the Committee after an absence of at least one year. So, for example, John Sterman has re-joined the 2005 Committee after stepping down in 2001. 


The Chair of the Committee will normally serve a 3-year term with one-year of overlap between the outgoing and incoming Chairs.  To start this process I intend to relinquish the Chair at the end of 2006. This means we should select my successor in Boston 2005, to work alongside me in 2006, and to take-over in 2007.