Minutes of the General Business Meeting of the System Dynamics Society

23 July 1999

Wellington, New Zealand

The society's secretary did not attend the conference; the president and administrator did not recognize the necessity to record minutes until after the meeting. If anyone who attended recognizes a significant omission or error please contact Mike Radzicki or Roberta Spencer.

The Business Meeting was held at 12:40 pm on Friday July 23, 1999, as the last event of the New Zealand Conference.

President Jack Pugh reported on the financial situation of the Society, summarizing from the report of the VP Finance. The Society is projecting a modest loss this year; no one is frightened by this. (Please see report on web.)

Jack mentioned that the conference next year would be held in Bergen, Norway and that in 2001, it would be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Reports on chapters activities were given (please see reports on web):


China by Qifan Wang


Italy by Habib Sehedi


Canadian Interest Group


UK by Jonathan Coyle

Jack summarized the status of the electronic presence of the Society. The Society office and WPI will work closely together to keep the new site updated. The new site will merge the current Society site and the Policy Council Website together. Additional information under consideration to be contained on the new website include items such as the membership directory, the bibliography, and more links.

Jack announced that the Winter Policy Council Meeting will be held in Worcester, during the first two weeks of February, The exact date will be announced soon.

Jack stated that since the chairman of the nominating committee was not at the conference, composing the committee and deciding slate will be done electronically after the conference.

Jack reported that the Australia/New Zealand Chapter of the System Dynamics Society was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 1: 10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alexander L. Pugh, III


Additional information of interest: (made during morning announcements, not at the business meeting):

Report on Forming a Student Chapter of the System Dynamics Society

Wednesday, July 21 students from Turkey, The Netherlands, India, Norway and New Zealand met at the New Zealand Conference to talk about the possibility of forming a student chapter of the System Dynamics Society. The students decided to set up an e-mail discussion with information on Masters and Ph.D. system dynamics courses; job and research opportunities.

Proposed planned activities for students at the Norway 2000 conference will include a parallel session by students on student topics and an one day seminar before or after the conference. The goal is to apply for formal status as a chapter of the Society.

Please share this information with any interested students. Suggestions and comments are encouraged and can be sent to [email protected]