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Minutes of the Meeting of the Policy Council of the System Dynamics Society

21 July 1999

Wellington, New Zealand

In Attendance.


Alexander L. Pugh, III (President), Jac Vennix (President Elect)

Policy Council:

Carmine Bianchi, Doa-Hoon Kim, Magne Myrtveit, Ginny Wiley, Graham Winch (System Dynamics Review Editor)


Saburo Kameyama, George P. Richardson, Habib Sedehi, Roberta L. Spencer (Executive Director), Toru Suetake, Bob Walker, Quifan Wang.

1. Call to Order.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by President Jack Pugh.

The laptop computer Roberta was using for meeting minutes crashed during the meeting. These minutes are from memory.

2. Action Items.


Motion to approve the minutes of the 10 February Meeting of the Policy Council. Motion made and seconded. Unanimously approved


Motion to accept the 1997/1998 Auditor's Report. Motion made and seconded. Unanimously approved


Motion to accept the 2000 budget. Motion made and seconded. Unanimously approved


Motion to raise the Society dues to US$90/US$45.

Discussion: Graham Winch informed the Policy Council that cost of publication and production is increasing. He stated that Wiley has done a good job with the Review. He also noted that if other people are receiving more money for doing a good job, then Wiley should also.

Motion made and seconded. It passed with one nay


Motion to accept the Slate of Candidates taking office in 2001. This motion was tabled as the chairman was not present and it could be done electronically after the conference.


Motion to accept the new Australian/New Zealand Chapter of the System Dynamics Society.

Discussion: It was noted that acceptance of this was recommended by Nan Lux.

Motion made and seconded. Unanimously accepted.


Motion to accept the New South Korean Chapter of the System Dynamics Society. No action tabled as their proposal had not been submitted.

3. New Discussion Items.


Jac Vennix suggested that the program chair for the conference should not be linked with the President Elect position. George Richardson asked to speak on this issue. He felt strongly that the link was beneficial to the conference as well as the President Elect. Being the program chair is an honor and the conference receives someone each year who is capable of the project. It involves the President Elect in Society business for the year prior to the office of President.

After some discussion, this item was tabled.


Magne Myrtveit announced that Powersim will offer a PAK Award. Powersim Corporation, the creator of the Powersim Academic Kit (PAK), and Phrontis Limited, responsible for global distribution of PAK to the academic community, will offer a sum of up to US$5000 towards an award(s) for an original paper in management or any of the sciences. The paper must benefit from both the system dynamics method and the full potential of the Powersim Academic Kit - Constructor and Solver.

The award(s) will be made to any registered student at an academic institution and is intended to fund travel and subsistence in order to attend and present a paper at the next System Dynamics Conference in Bergen, Norway during 2000.

4. Adjournment.

Jack Pugh adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta L. Spencer
Executive Director


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