The 2012 Winter Policy Council Meeting

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These papers were presented for the 2012 Winter Policy Council Meeting are listed alphabetically by the last name of the reporter. Reports are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from Supporting material may be provided. Links, when shown, are supplied by the reporter and may provide more or newer information related to the report.

Cavana, Robert   Progress Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the “Organization of the System Dynamics Society”   (This is a progress report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the ‘Organization of the System Dynamics Society’. It summarises the issues generated at a ‘brainstorming’ meeting held in Washington DC at the July 2012 ISD Conference. Some background research is provided comparing membership growth in SDS and INCOSE over the period 1984/91 – 2010, and a brief analysis is presented of the current demographic mix of SDS Vice Presidents compared with the demographic mix of SDS membership. A list of 26 questions is provided, developed for a forthcoming survey comparing organizations of Academic/Professional Societies, and 15 organizations to be surveyed are listed. Finally, some recommendations are provided related to: the creation of 3 new Vice President positions for SDS; requests for comments regarding our work plan; and note that the full report will be available at the 2012 Summer Policy Council meeting in St Gallen.) Report

Dangerfield, Brian   Report of the Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review   (The substantive content of this report covers (i) Accepted Backlog; (ii) Trends in Online use & readership of SDR and (iii) Statistical data for calendar 2011.) Report

Eberlein, Robert   Report of the Organization and Bylaws Committee   (We have made revisions to the Bylaws and Policies, both in form and substance, to make them consistent with one another and bring them in line with current practice. The draft documents are attached as supporting materials for review by the Policy Council. We are recommending that the Policy Council pass a motion to schedule a vote of the general membership on the Bylaws, adopting the Policies contingent on the successful completion of that voting process. - NOTE Drafts updated December 31, 2011, minor edits February 10, 2012.) Report Supporting

Eberlein, Robert   Report of the VP Electronic Presence   (There have been quite a few changes in our electronic presence. Most notable is the move to a content management system for the conference related portion of the website and the opening up of the case repository. We have also made substantial changes to the conference submission system and plan to move the membership directory onto our website.) Report

Ford, David   Preliminary Schedule and Agenda for Electronic Policy Council Meeting, Chair David N. Ford   (Preliminary Schedule and Agenda for Electronic Policy Council Meeting. An updated/revised face-to-face meeting agenda will be available at the meeting. ) Report

Groessler, Andreas   Report   (Reports briefly on the 2012-2014 conferences.) Report

Hovmand, Peter   Diversity Committee Report   (The Diversity Committee is working on a survey for spring 2012 that will assess a number of questions raised during the summer 2011 PC meeting regarding diversity. As with last year, analysis of membership demographics for 2011 will be presented in the following year at the summer PC meeting (i.e., ISDC 2012 for 2011) as opposed to the winter PC meeting to avoid misperceptions of trends due to lags in membership renewals. )

Morrison, J. Bradley   2012 Winter PC Meeting Minutes (DRAFT) with preliminary draft motions   (Please see the attached report. Please use the Policy Council Listserv for dicusssion: email ( ). To see the reports, motions, and for subsequent voting, please use this website. For assistance with the listserv or PC Menu, please contact the Society office.) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Nominations Committee Activity Report and Proposed Slate of Candidates   (Document also includes biographies of the slate of candidates.) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Report of Society Program Oversight Committee (SPOC)   (Summary of activities performed by the SPOC in 2011.) Report Supporting

Rouwette, Etiënne   Concept Constitution of the Biomedical System Dynamics Special Interest Group (BMSD SIG)   (This is the concept constitution for a proposed new SIG on biomedical systems.) Report

Rouwette, Etiënne   Conference survey 2011   (Overall, the conclusion is that all elements are valued highly. Open comments that stand out (included in the report) concern the need to be more inclusive of specific target audiences, such as consultants and decision makers.) Report

Rouwette, Etiënne   Report VP Member Services   (Report VP Member services, Policy Council Meeting Winter 2011 Since the summer conference I have been working on three initiatives. First the case repository has been enlarged and, with help of Navid Ghaffarzadegan and the home office, published online. Active involvement of among others Jack Homer and Kim Warren continues and our aim is to make the database larger still. Second, the 2010 conference survey was published online. Results of the last conference remain to be analyzed. Third, I have been in contact with some of the SIGs on further enlarging the case repository and setting up SIG meetings at the coming conference in St. Gallen. In January I intend to contact SIGs on both topics again. Etiënne Rouwette, 22/12/2011)

Saeed, Khalid   Awards committee recommendations for Winter 2012 PC meeting   (Recommendations based on deliberations in July 2011 and email endorsement of members is attached. ) Report

Schaffernicht, Martin   VP Chapters Update (v2, 12/22/2011)   (The update informs about what has been done / happened since July (mainly the problematic chapters and the capacity development fund). Then a brief reflection about the current state leads to the question of how to become more useful for Chapters. Two lines of activity are proposed: improving the use of the SDS website and identifying "infrastructure services". (Version 2 adds info about the capacity building workshop and the Latin-American conference.)) Report

Spencer, Roberta   2011 Washington, DC Conference Report for Winter PC Meeting   (The conference had 550 registrants and 36 guests from 47 countries. This conference had the highest percentage of new (self-reported) attendees (42%). 61% of our participants were members, 21% were students, and 50% of the registrants were authors. Three threads tied for the highest percentage of papers in Washington DC, each at 10%; they were Energy and Resources, Public Policy, and Health and Health Policy. The rejection rate was 15%. The Washington, DC Conference surplus exceeded the budgeted $25,000.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Report for Community Service Award   (The members of the Community Service Awards Committee, David Lane (chair), Jack Pugh, Bob Eberlein, and Roberta Spencer, plan to meet as a committee in early 2012 to discuss the award for 2012. )

Spencer, Roberta   2012 Swiss Conference Report   (Please find attached the Registration Brochure for the St. Gallen conference. ) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Getting Ready for Winter PC Meeting   (Hi Everyone, If you have any questions about submitting a report, please contact the Society office. The deadline to submit reports is December 22. The face-to-face meeting will be January 5. More details about the meeting location will be available soon. Best, Roberta) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Executive Director's Winter Report to Policy Council   (A full Annual Report on Home Office Operations for the FYE 2011 will be presented at the Summer Policy Council meeting at the St. Gallen conference. Please find uploaded as a report information on Conferences, Membership Services and Recruitment, Sales, Society Sponsorship, Website, Allocation of Effort, and Finances. All financial numbers are pre-CPA review and are subject to change; some amounts only include the first three-quarters of 2011.) Report

Stuntz, Lees   Education, Outreach, Public Understanding Ad Hoc Committee:   (The EOPU Ad Hoc committee recommends that the Policy Council discuss and decide, or give to the membership to decide, on the policy for the System Dynamics Society’s outreach to the public. The committee also recommends that the Policy Council proceed with the Ad Hoc committee’s recommendations to move forward with facilitating, but not taking responsibility for, SD Education as well as interfacing with the SD K-12 movement. The committee also suggests the policy council set up two committees of the appropriate people 1) to plan public outreach (if it is decided to be a decision of the policy council) and 2) to plan how to grow and encourage the academic pursuit of system dynamics. ) Report

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