The 2012 Summer Policy Council Meeting
Motions considered and acted upon during the electronic process
as of Tue Nov 6 13:44:14 2012


Motion 100: Subject: Appointment to Nominating Committee
Proposed by: David Ford, Seconded by: David Andersen
Voting open date: 2012.05.31 Voting close date: 2012.06.10
Formal Motion: Moved by David N. Ford and seconded by David Andersen to approve the appointment of Brian Dangerfield to the Nominating Committee for the term of (8/2012 - 7/2015).
Notes on supporting material: Brian Dangerfield will replace Birgit Kopainsky (8/2009 - 7/2012) on the Nominating Committee.
Motion 100 Passed (Y:8/N:0/A:0/NV:16)

END OF MOTIONS, 2012 Summer Policy Council Meeting

Brad Morrison, Secretary

Tue Nov 6 13:44:14 2012  

NOTE: For details on motions see the Minutes of Policy Council Meetings on the Governance page of the Society web site

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