The 2011 Winter Policy Council Meeting

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These papers were presented for the 2011 Winter Policy Council Meeting are listed alphabetically by the last name of the reporter. Reports are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from Supporting material may be provided. Links, when shown, are supplied by the reporter and may provide more or newer information related to the report.

Andersen, David   VP Finance Report   (This report is based on three financial reports developed each year by the Society's home office staff: (1) Revenue & Expense, 2010 Budget Comparison (2) Revenue & Expense, 2010 & 2009 Comparison, (3) Revenue & Expense, 2010 by Cost Centers. ) Report

Dangerfield, Brian   Report of the Executive Editor, System Dynamics Review   (This is a brief report which updates the Summer 2010 report. It consists of a review of the current submission rate and backlog, a note about an improved page budget and a few of the latest statistics.) Report

Eberlein, Robert   Report of the VP Electronic Presence   (We have changed hosts for the Society website making it easier to support Chapters and SIGS. The forum struggles to survive, the Wiki seems dead, other things are being worked on. We do not have a webmaster, nor was the content management system port brought to a satisfactory conclusion. On the bright side, the web submission system continues to work well. I have started to look for an AVP Electronic Presence.) Report

Groessler, Andreas   Report VP Meetings, Winter 2011   (2011 and 2012 conferences under way; 2013 in Hyatt Regency Hotel in Boston; 2014 (default site policy!) not yet determined. Paragraph on Conference Site Selection Committee included.) Report

Hovmand, Peter   Diversity Committee Report Winter Policy Council 2011   (A full report of membership demographics and analysis will be available for the summer meeting.)

Lane, David   Agenda and Schedule for 2011 Winter Policy Council Meeting    (For the 2011 Winter Policy Council Meeting we will have a combination of face-to-face and electronic meetings. Please see the 'Report' link for the current February 12th Face-to-Face Meeting Agenda. Please see the 'Supporting' Link for the schedule of all session dates.) Report

Morrison, J. Bradley   Minutes of the Winter 2011 Face-to-Face Meeting of the Policy Council   (Minutes of the Winter 2011 Face-to-Face Meeting of the Policy Council) Report

Moxnes, Erling   Proposed Slate of Candidates to take office January 1, 2012   (Report from the Nomination Committee on slate of candidates for 2012) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Standing Committee members and term appointments (associated with Motion 110, 2011 Winter PC Meeting)   (Standing Committee members and term appointments associated with Motion 110, 2011 Winter PC Meeting) Edited 3-11-11, replaces original "Addendum 2" in 2011 February 14 F2F Winter PC Meeting minutes. ) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Formal Motion 103, Promoting Chapter Activities, $20,000 in 2011 budget. (Revised 3-12-11)   (Please see attached report for full motion.) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Report of Comminity Service Award Committee   ( 2011 Winter Policy Council Meeting Report for the Community Services Award Committee Committee Members: Past President ex-officio Rogelio Oliva (Chair), the Executive Director Roberta Spencer, Jack Pugh and Bob Eberlein The committee has received a number of nominations for the award. An award will be made at the Washington, DC conference. )

Pruyt, Erik   Report of the Health Policy SIG to the System Dynamics Society   (The Health Policy SIG has been very busy in the past year. Please take a moment to review our activities. ) Report Supporting

Richardson, George   Report of VP Publications   (Overview of Report - Configuring the Publications Committee - Filling out the membership of the Committee - Responsibilities of the Committee - Ongoing work of the Committee) Report

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Survey 2010 conference   (This report covers the results of the participant survey of the 2010 conference in Seoul.) Report Supporting

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Report VP Member services   ((Updated on February 13, 2011) This report addresses five issues: 1. the SIG/Chapter representatives meeting at the Seoul conference; 2. the conference survey of the Seoul conference; 3. the status of the case repository; 4. a proposal to conduct a focus group with (potential) members of the SD Society at the UK Chapter meeting; 5. a proposal by Ed Gallaher to start a Biomedical SIG. ) Report Supporting

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Case repository version 1   (This is the first version of the case repository, with 19 case descriptions.) Report

Saeed, Khalid   Awards Committee Report Winter 2011   (The Awards Committee has not deliberated since Summer 2010. A report of the deliberations at the Summer 2010 meeting held in Seoul, Korea has been posted. Please see attached report for activities over JUly 2010 - Feb 2011 ) Report

Schaffernicht, Martin   Report of VP Chapters   (This report reviews the situation of our chapters (their reports, web presence and communication with VP Chapters). I argue there is a communication problem and a development problem in the case of some chapters, while other chapters are very healthy. Some propositions are made to improve communication and concerning the process of forming chapters. ) Report Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin   Supplementary material for motion to recognize the Benelux Chapter   (The proposed constitution and the scanned list of founding members with their signatures, corrected version (3/15/2011)) Report Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin   Motion to approve the new chapter constitution of the Brazilian Chapter   (The active members of the Brazilian Chapter have asked to approve their new constitution. This report contains material for the corresponding motion and presents their petition and contains their cover letter, the proposed constitution and a list of 33 full members. ) Report Supporting

Spencer, Roberta   St. Gallen, Switzerland 2012 Conference Report    (The International System Dynamics Conference 2012 will take place at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Markus Schwaninger is Conference Chair; Elke Husemann and David Lane are the Program Co-chairs; Stefan Groesser is the Organizational Chair; Roberta Spencer is the Conference Manager. Preparations are in full swing: In September, Roberta Spencer visited St. Gallen and toured the primary facilities, including the University of St. Gallen, World Cultural Heritage, hotels, and touristic sites. A provisional budget has been created. Sites for both the scientific and the social programs have been chosen and reserved. Currently both the home office and the team in St. Gallen are working to acquire sponsors.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Test 2011 Winter Policy Council Meeting   (Should you need assistance with the PC Menu submission system, please contact me. Best, Roberta)

Spencer, Roberta   Cambridge, MA 2013 Conference Report    (We have contracted with the Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel. The contract is attractive for a number of reasons including: the guest room rates are lower than other quotes, flexible meeting space, proximity to MIT, and minimum risk for food and guest room block guarantees. Additionally, the HRC team is offering assistance within the Hyatt network for identifying future conference hotel sites. DATES: July 24-28, 2013. Room price is $179 ($139 for students). Regarding pre-conference planning, the Program Chairs and other volunteers, conference hosts, partners or sponsors have not yet been identified. )

Spencer, Roberta   Washington, DC 2011 Conference Report    (Conference preparations are underway and on schedule. The web submission system is open; we have received both paper submissions and registrations. The submission deadline is March 21. The registration brochure with accommodations form is available on the website and the hardcopy was mailed in January. The registration fee for the conference is set at $500. ) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Annual Report on Home Office Operations Summary   (A full Annual Report on Home Office Operations for the FYE 2010 will be presented at the Summer Policy Council meeting at the DC conference. Below, please find bulleted items on Conferences, Membership Services and Recruitment, Sales, Society Sponsorship, Website, Allocation of Effort, and Finances.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Seoul, Korea 2010 Conference Report   (The conference had 305 registrants and 15 guests from 41 countries. This conference had the highest percentage of new (self-reported) attendees (40%). 45% of participants were from Asia, a dramatic increase from past years which ranged from 5% to 13%. 52% of our participants were members, 35% were students, and 57% of the registrants were authors.) Report

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